You Want To Move Away To Another Side Of The World – What Do You Do Next?

Of course, we all love the idea of travelling around the world, exploring new horizons, and learning so much about ourselves in the process. But sometimes the practicalities of the situation can rear its head. From getting the money together to planning your itinerary. But when you find a new place, and you fall in love with it instantaneously, the temptation can be to shun the practicalities and do what you can to move there, maybe permanently. But when you fall in love with a place that’s so far away from everything you know, is it a case of feelings over logic? And should you follow these instincts?

Are You Thinking Clearly?

By no means is this an assumption that you are three sheets to the wind. But when we consider moving somewhere so far away from our home, the question needs to be asked. There may be reasons that you want to move so far away. There may be problems at home, you may feel like there is nothing for you anymore. But when we start to plan to move somewhere else on a permanent basis, it’s only then that we realise how much effort we’ve got to put in to make this dream a reality. Take a place like Indonesia, for all its wonderment, the practicalities of moving there are more than you bargained for. You can look online for a property to buy, like on, and so this does make it a reality to an extent. But living there is only one piece of the puzzle, of course. There are so many practicalities to consider, such as the cost! And not only this, but there is the abundance of paperwork, and the amount of hoops you need to jump through. Instead, it’s worth looking at these types of websites and other property websites to rent. By renting, and planning for a stay longer than a few weeks, this is a more sensible option to consider. Nobody likes the word “sensible” because it implies straight-laced attitudes. But if you are seriously contemplating uprooting your entire life and moving to another country, then you’d better make sure that it’s a place that doesn’t just fulfil your dreams and ambitions. You need to make sure it is liveable too!



Why You Need To Give It Time

Spending a solid amount of time in one place means you can get a well-rounded opinion of the area. Remember, it’s not just how the place makes you feel, but it’s everything else attached to it; the environment, the amenities, as well as the general practicalities. While you may wake up every morning and go to an Indonesian street vendor, is it food you might get sick of after a while? Sometimes we like our home comforts a little too much. And in a place like Indonesia, there are so many different dishes. There are some you can check out on this article at, but sometimes we long for our mother’s home cooking. And when you are halfway around the world, it can be those little moments that feel the worst.

What Is Home?

Part of the reason we go travelling in the first place is that we long for something new, that what we consider to be our home isn’t fulfilling something within us. And so, the idea of home isn’t always something that we attribute to one place. Some people continually globetrot, but is it because these people are looking for a place to settle? This is different to somewhere that they can call home. We all feel that we have a yearning for new possibilities on occasion, but sometimes that overwhelming longing for home can override everything. So, when you travel the world, you are visiting places for a short period of time. But you know that in the end, you will go back home. When you find another place in the world that you have fallen completely in love with, is this going to override any feeling of homesickness? This is why you need to spend a decent amount of time in one place, to truly understand within yourself if you do have a longing for home. It could very simply be a case that the grass is always greener on the other side. And this might be how you’ve been living your life for so very long, explaining why you travel so much. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going travelling and broadening the mind. But we can all benefit from a feeling of comfort, that feeling that being truly at home brings about in you.

Real Life Catches Up With You In The End

Following on from that grass is always greener approach to life, there are going to be things that will bring you home on occasion, such as major family events, or even funerals. And if you adopt that free spirit, wandering the world, it’s always important to remember that we don’t all live the life we really want. This is idealism in many ways. But travelling is such a wonderful tool to shine a spotlight on new cultures, cultures that you had no idea of! And you can use this experience to make your life a better one. When you do decide to move to another part of the world, at the end of the day, save for a few cultures, the world operates in exactly the same way. You need a job, so you can earn money so you can put a roof over your head. And sure, there are means for you to earn money by doing things that make you happy, you can be a travel blogger for example, but we all need to understand that concept of real life, and how essential it is for us to earn a living. No matter where we live in the world, we need to earn a living!

Falling in love with another part of the world is very much something we all go through on occasion. And when you do fall in love with another place the world, because it’s so beautiful, sometimes it’s worth listening to your heart. If only to understand what it truly wants.


Amie Scott