Travelling: How to Make it Ridiculously Easy

Travelling can sound really scary, especially when you think too far ahead. What if something doesn’t go to plan? Thoughts like that will stop you from doing anything at all. This guide will help you to make travelling ridiculously easy, so you feel confident and have an amazing time. Enjoy!

Don’t Think About it Too Much

The more you think about it, the more you’re going to put yourself off doing whatever it is you want to do. You need to avoid thinking of all of the things that could go wrong, because they probably won’t go wrong. People go travelling all the time and have a wonderful time. You might run into minuscule problems, but they can easily be overcome. You don’t need to think about them unless they come up.

Take One Small Step at a Time

Take one small step at a time. Decide where you want to go. Book a flight. Find your accommodation. Plan a few things to do once you get there. Don’t think about it all too much. All you need to do is take one step at a time and eventually you will have done everything you need to do.

Pack Light

Packing too much stuff can be stressful, and you’ll more than likely realise that you don’t need that much stuff. Learn how to pack light. Pack less than you think you need. Of course, you might be able to take more if you’re not going for very long, but travelling for a long time will mean you should take as little as possible. You’ll more than likely acquire things while you’re away too.

Make Copies of All of Your Documents

Having copies of your documents will protect you in case you lose any. Make sure you keep them in a separate safe place, so you have copies whatever may happen.


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Read Reviews Before Choosing Your Accommodation

Before you decide on your accommodation, make sure you read reviews. This will help you if you plan on staying in cheaper accommodation, like hostels. It all depends on your budget and where you’re going first. You can easily spend a quality stay in Paris accommodation, but expect to pay a little more.

Take a Phrase Book

If you’re unsure of the language, taking a phrase book is a very good idea. This could help you to get out of any situations, or even simply make friends with somebody.

Download Apps

Apps can be a huge help when travelling too. They can tell you where to go, what to do, and can even translate for you.

Note Important Numbers

Note down important numbers back home and any you might need in the area you are visiting. You never know what might happen!

Don’t Panic!

The best thing you can do while travelling is relax. There’s nothing to panic about. Everything should be fairly straightforward. Just go with the flow and enjoy yourself!

Travelling is the only thing you can spend money on that makes you richer. Everybody should do it at some point!

Amie Scott