Remote Holiday Destinations in the United Kingdom

When you plan a trip to Europe, what are some of the places you want to visit? Perhaps a sunny beach in Spain, the snowy north of Finland, or maybe the culinary hotspot of France. Wherever you go, there’s a variety of different cultures, cuisines and people to engage with. However, we usually find ourselves going to the touristy locations that everyone knows about.

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations in the world to visit thanks to London’s popularity. However, hidden away in the rural countryside of the United Kingdom is a vast selection of remote locations that offer peace, serenity and a lot of comforts. Many of these locations house museums with plenty of cultural tidbits, and there is almost always fantastic local cuisine to sample as well. So instead of visiting the modern cities, take a look at these following holiday destinations that you shouldn’t miss.


Out of all the locations to see some medieval architecture, Newbury is perhaps the full package. Not only does it sport fantastic sightseeing locations such as Highclere Castle and Donnington Castle, there’s also the Newbury racecourse if you want to indulge in a bit of classic horse racing. For food and drink, there are some fantastic establishments such as George and Dragon who offer great pubs in Andover and Newbury. Not only do they serve fantastic food and classic drinks, they also operate as a bed and breakfast, giving you a stunning location to rest for the night if you’re on a tour around the United Kingdom.




If you love historic monuments and amazing food, then you have to pay a visit to Scotland. All the way in the north where chilly winds rule the land and haggis is a culinary treat, you’ll find plenty of castles to explore, national galleries to tour and even parks to relax in. Edinburgh is a town steeped in history, giving it a picturesque look that will make a great location for holiday photos and memories. If you like to get active, then consider the murder and mystery walking tours where they mix historical facts with humorous jabs to create an interesting but chilling experience.


Suffolk sports one of the United Kingdom’s favourite parachuting locations, making it a prime destination for adrenaline junkies that want to leap from a plane while admiring the tranquil countryside views below them If you love your beer, then you owe it to yourself to take a trip to the Greene King Brewery, one of Suffolk’s most famous attractions. They offer tours, plenty of tasting sessions, and some excellent food as well.


Yorkshire is another location in the United Kingdom that is drowned in culture and traditional. Take a trip to the world-famous National Railway Museum where you’ll get to see a comprehensive collection of trains and transport relics. There is plenty of historic information and sights to sink your teeth into and it’s free as well, meaning there’s no excuse not to make a stop here. If museums aren’t your type of activity, then there are also some excellent wildlife parks to explore.

Amie Scott