Edinburgh’s Hidden Gems

Edinburgh is full of attractions and things to do, which is why it is the second most visited city in the UK. It offers something for everyone, no matter what their age or interests. However, there are also some not so well known places that are well worth a visit – you can call them hidden gems, if you like.

Before you go hunting for some of these, settle yourself into your accommodation. There are hotels of course, but there are also Edinburgh apartments to rent in all different parts of the city. They often work out cheaper and give you more freedom than the restrictions of a hotel.

The Wild West



Edinburgh has its very own wild west which you can fine down a side street in Morningside. It was built in the 1990’s to increase awareness of a Southwestern style furniture venture. It is a bit dilapidated now, but visiting this perfectly preserved Western world gives some brilliant photo opportunities.

Dr Neil’s Garden

This is a calm and peaceful place in the Old Church Lane, and it is not just a hidden gem, it is a hidden treasure. Devised by doctors Andrew and Nancy Neil this secret garden has an abundance of greenery and colours.

Sheep Heid Inn

Located on the Causeway in Duddingston, this had been a pub for more than 600 years. It is said to be the oldest surviving licensed premises in Edinburgh, and possibly in the whole of Scotland. Its bowling alley has been in use since 1870, and this, with the combination of good ale, excellent food and a friendly atmosphere make for an unrivalled experience for travellers. Pop in and you’ll instantly make lots of friends and have a great time.

National Museum Rooftop

Although the museum is a jewel itself, its rooftop garden is a real hidden gem. Take the lift to the seventh floor and get 360-degree views of stunning scenery.


Pickles is ideal for foodies, a real gem of a different kind. Tucked away on Broughton Street, Pickles serves the most delicious nibbles including cheeseboards, platters, chutneys, olives, pates, and don’t forget: pickles. The wines are not expensive and it has a very cute outside patio. It makes the perfect place for a good natter.

Edinburgh Kyoto Friendship Garden

Although this was created only 16 years ago, it is nonetheless a hidden gem of Edinburgh. Situated within the grounds of Lauriston Castle, it is a place of incredible beauty close to the centre of a city. It was built to honour the twinning of Edinburgh with Kyoto and has flowers and plants representing both cities. There are bamboo, stepping-stones and gushing waters all in a picture perfect setting full of colour.



Cramond Waterfalls

Cramond is a village that has loads of history and Scottish vernacular architecture.  To some, it is more of a treasure chest than a gem with its elusive waterfalls almost casting a magic spell on all who gaze upon them. Whether you want a light stroll or a full day out, the serenity of this hidden water feature is well worth a visit.

What will you do first?

Amie Scott