2017 Travel Bucket List Ideas To Make It The Best Year Yet

We are fast approaching the end of another year and it’s at this time of year people think ahead to the new one. What might you have planned for 2017? Where should you go and what should you do? It’s a time of year where people make resolutions to improve their lives, or at least make positive changes for the future. But I also think it’s a great time to think about a bucket list for the year, instead of daydreaming about what you could do. Traveling is a passion for many people, so I thought I would share some top destinations that could be added to your 2017 travel bucket list. Let’s make this year the best year yet.

Consider winter skiing in France

Skiing is something you have to try at least once in your life. Some people absolutely love this pastime, and one of the best places you could consider doing it is in France. There are plenty of places dotted around that will be worthy, but one to think about would be Meribel. You might be wondering why ski in Meribel? But not only does it have slopes, but it also offers some great accommodation options like chalets. Making them a great choice for family or friends. There are other places to consider in The French Alps, making France a viable choice for some winter fun on the slopes.

Have some fun in the sun in Croatia

Many people go on holiday just to catch a glimpse of the sun and feel the warmth of it on their skin. Who can blame them, when the Summer isn’t guaranteed? You may be thinking about some of the popular resorts, but one you might want to add to your list is Croatia. Croatia is in Eastern Europe and has an extensive coastline. Some of the popular destinations would be the historic old town of Dubrovnik or the quaint coastal vibe of Split. It’s a short flight away but offers a different type of sun holiday.



Take a trip of a lifetime to Australia

Why keep putting off that trip of a lifetime? If you can, get it booked and go and experience it. One place many people have on their bucket list is Australia. With the breathtaking sights of Sydney or the amazing city vibe that Melbourne has to offer, there is a lot to explore in this vast country. Snorkeling in The Great Barrier Reef, surfing on Bondi Beach, you will be spoilt for choice of locations to visit and things to do.

Familiarise yourself with a state of America like Texas

America is a huge country with 50 states, each with their own set of unique cities and diverse culture. So a great way to add to your travel plans is to tackle one state at a time. A popular state for holidays is Texas. With Houston offering space lovers the chance to visit NASA, or Austin with it’s unique music vibe, you won’t be disappointed by taking on this Southern state. Others to consider would be Nevada, Ohio or Illinois.

I hope this has inspired you to make some travel plans for 2017.

Amie Scott