How to Get money Together For Travelling

Everyone wants to go travelling but paying for accommodation, flights and trains, and all the food you are going to eat, can be expensive. Travelling shouldn’t be exclusive to those who belong to high income families, although it often helps! Here are some ideas of  how you can get some money together so you can go travelling, go on great adventures, and meet some amazing people. Be prepared to start hustling, and give it all you’ve got. Here’s how you can get some money together in order to explore the world.

Sell Old Stuff

This doesn’t even have to be old stuff. Do you have soe shoes you never wear, and old prom dress, or even some sports gear from an activity you never took up? All of these things can be sold second hand on sites like ebay, or even on amazon. Selling things on yourself can be a little bit more effort, as you have to think about how much the item weighs, and about post and packaging. This could change how much profit you make, but everall you should be making money! It’s even worth selling old toys or any antique things lying about the house if you have any, sometimes you can get a surprisingly good price for this stuff.

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Take Out Loans

If you want to travel to other continents, across the world, or spend a long time traveling, you’re going to need a lot more money. But, what are secured loans? This is where you use your house to take out a loan, as well as your mortgage. Taking out larger loans is always an option, and can work for you even if you have a bad credit score. If selling your old stuff just isn’t going to make you enough money, and you’re planning on going away very soon, this might work for you. You can borrow smaller loans from £1000 to much larger amounts. Whatever you’re planning on doing, and wherever you planning on going, loans like these could help you travel.

Live With Your Parents and Work Overtime

This is an option any young people choose when they decide they want to travel. Many people live with their families and work two or three jobs, and all the hours they can fit in. This is exhausting and a lot of hard work, but any people think that it is worth it. This is presuming you don’t have to pay rent while at home! In which case it might take you a bit longer to accumulate enough money. This is probably the most guaranteed way to make money, and if done so while you’re still a student and you’re not taxed, could really work for you.

Travelling is fun, helps you discover yourself, and broadens your horizons in so many ways. These are some ideas of how to get some money together in order to go do it yourself. Get creative with your ideas, and try lots of different ways, or different jobs, that could help you achieve your goal.      

Amie Scott