Are Your Double Glazed Windows Fit for Winter?

Whether you’re a homeowner considering some window renovations prior to the winter months or you’re looking to make some improvements to the windows at your business, this guide will offer a selection of expert advice surrounding all of your winter window needs. We’ll be covering topics like insulation, damp and condensation in your home throughout those icy winter months.


What are the signs that I need new windows for my home?

When safeguarding your windows ahead of the cold winter months, there are a few simple signs you can consider which should inform you whether you need to invest in some new windows. Investing in new windows can be the perfect way to improve energy efficiency in your home as well as reduce costly energy bills.

Condensation can be one of the first signs that you’re in need of some new windows. Condensation is caused by increased moisture in your home and is most common in our kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms where steam is produced through cooking and washing.

Double glazing uPVC windows provide improved protection against condensation in your home. These windows provide magnificent results when compared to single paned glass windows.

Another sign that your home isn’t prepared for winter is leaky or seized framing around your windows. When moisture attacks the woodwork around your window, it can compromise the functionality of the glass and allow moisture to seep in and heat to escape.

Adequate double glazed windows provides first-class insulation and secure defences against the adverse weather conditions and dampness of the winter.

What are the benefits of uPVC windows?

By turning to a company like Polar Bear Windows, you can arrange to have high-quality and insulating double glazing uPVC windows fitted in your home. As uPVC windows are much cheaper to maintain than wooden timber frames, if any repairs are needed, those repairs can be made quickly.

Secondly, the insulative properties of double glazing prevent warm air from escaping your home without compromising on the ventilation within your property. This efficient method of window insulation can ensure better energy efficiency and cheaper energy bills even throughout the colder months. This winter, uPVC Windows can benefit you as they are…

  • Made of cheaper, more maintainable materials;
  • Perfect at insulating a home;
  • Effective in reducing condensation;
  • Useful for helping to reduce household energy bills;
  • More energy-efficient.

Knowing reliable information about your windows throughout the winter months will be vital to ensuring your health and safety in the home. Hopefully, this guide has provided greater assurances about what to expect from your windows. Don’t think twice about hiring a qualified window installation expert to visit your home, as window replacement can be completed quickly and efficiently without any disruption.

The benefits of your new windows will be realised immediately, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable winter.

The Dos and Don’ts for a Strong Selfie Game

If you want a popular Instagram account or thousands of likes on your Facebook profile pictures, there’s only one thing for it; making sure your selfie game is strong. I’m not shy when it comes to uploading a selfie or two, so I thought I’d share a few dos and don’ts to help you make sure your selfies are all on point!


Selfie Dos

Use High Angles

Hold your camera at a high angle and snap from there. This is the most flattering angle as it slims your face – even Kim Kardashian said so when she took a selfie with Ant and Dec at the Brit awards. You can even use selfie tools for this, like one of those new fandangled sticks!

Take a Snap in the Mirror

If you want your outfit in the picture, take a mirror selfie. You might need to mess around with angles a bit to get it just right. I always end up holding my phone at a dodgy angle to get it all in, but it looks so much better!

Double Up

You may have noticed that I like to pretend there are 2 of me on my Instagram page and even sometimes on my blog from time to time. I suppose this is personal preference, but I just like the way it looks. Two is better than one, right? I use an app like Diptic to create this effect, and I’m really anal about making sure it’s symmetrical! I think Charlotte from Geordie Shore even does this sometimes…so there.

Upload the Entire Picture

Instagram can be annoying sometimes, especially if you’ve taken a spectacular selfie and then you have to crop it so it’s square. This could mean cutting out some of your hair and outfit, so what do you do? Download an app like Instasize to fit the whole thing in! With an app like this you’ll never need to crop again, plus, you can get that oh so trendy white border around all of your pictures.

Pick the Best Filter

Another Instagram secret of mine; I don’t use the filters that come with the app. I have a whole separate app called VSCOcam for that. I think these filters look much better on my feed, and they enhance the colours in the pictures nicely. Yes; I have to do a lot of moving from app to app when I take a selfie, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get her selfie out there.

Experiment With Lighting

Nothing annoys me more than when I see a selfie looking all grainy. Why would you take selfies in the dark, girlfriend? Nobody can see your pretty face! Try to take them in natural light or at least where you can get a clear picture.

Have Fun With It

Experiment with your selfie! Have fun – change up your background, pull some funny faces, use a personalised selfie frame – keep things interesting and varied as much as you can.

Selfie Don’ts

  • Please don’t pull that ridiculous duck face that’s all over the place lately (I’m looking at you Kylie Jenner). Just smile. If you want to go for the moody look, then do it, but don’t stick your lips out so much. You’re not fooling anybody honey!
  • Don’t upload a selfie where you can see up your nostrils. This angle is always unflattering and gives a double chin.
  • Don’t neglect to pay attention to your background. Charlotte Crosby recently uploaded a mirror selfie with a pair of her dirty knickers right next to her, in true Charlotte Crosby style. Your background shouldn’t be too distracting, and definitely shouldn’t contain dirty knickers.

Do you have any selfie dos and don’ts you’d like to share? Leave a comment!