Why I Want One Of My Friends To Get Married

You may or may not know that the majority of my friends are all loved up with boyfriends they’ve been with for a while. Some even have babies and houses. I’m having way too much fun doing my own thang at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to go to a wedding! We were talking about who would be the first to get married the other day, and it makes me sad that nobody thinks they’ll get married any time soon. We also established that it definitely wouldn’t be me. Here’s why I really want one of my friends to get married:

To Have Something To Look Forward To

I like having lots of things to look forward to. I mean, I have quite a few things to look forward to already. Holidays, festivals, potential plans – the world is my oyster and I am loving it. I have my godson-to-be’s christening which I’m also really excited about. But wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to a wedding? I’ve been to weddings, but I think a wedding of one of my closest friends would be far more enjoyable. No offence to anybody who invited me to theirs…

To Eat And Drink Way Too Much

Weddings are brilliant excuses to get blind drunk and eat all the food. I would totally be the bridesmaid that fell over after too much prosecco, or had to unzip her dress because of the food baby I had conceived. It’s a celebration, why the hell not!



Look Nice In A Dress

I suppose we can look nice in a dress any time we like, but at weddings you get to wear an extra special dress. Maybe even a little hat if you’re feeling fruity. Nah I probably wouldn’t wear a hat, but I’d love to get glammed up with all of the other bridesmaids and of course the gorgeous bride.

Throw A Cray Hen Party

Probably the best part about weddings. I’ve only ever been to one hen party in my life, and I didn’t have any input. I’d love to get involved planning and throwing a ridiculous hen party for one of my friends. I’m talking a dwarf stripper, those hen party accessories everybody buys, the works!  

Celebrate Some Love Because Why Not?

All jokes and alcohol aside, weddings are a brilliant time to celebrate some lurve. Who doesn’t love love? I really do. I get teary at happy couples on TV adverts, so I’d probably be a blubbering mess at a friend’s wedding. I genuinely love seeing couples who are made for each other together. In my eyes, all you need is love!

There you have it. Why I want one of my friends to get married. If you’re reading this lads – please start planning the proposal. I’ll even help you pick a ring! Girls, if you’re reading this, maybe make him a few more sandwiches and pick up his socks without complaining. I’m assuming I’d be bridesmaid, so I’ll save you the trouble of asking me – of course I will! Thanks in advance. Bye for now!

Amie Scott