The Biggest Lush Haul Known to Man

I visited Lush Cosmetics this weekend and this happened. I am not exaggerating when I say I think it’s the biggest Lush bath bomb/bubble bar/bath melt haul in the history of the beauty blogosphere. It was a total accident…the pretty colours and smells all seduced me until I arrived at the till and realised I’d have to sell an organ to pay for it all!

It all started a couple of weeks back when I bought just a couple of bombs. I’d heard of them but I was dubious – they can’t be as good as everybody makes out, surely? Well, I’ve been allowing myself 1 bomb per week, usually on a Friday (dis is how I turn up on Fridays k?), and YES they are that good. I’ll let you try and work out how much everything in the picture cost as a fun game.


I’ve always loved relaxing baths, probably because I’m really a mermaid. But don’t tell anybody because that’s supposed to be a secret. Anyway, I love how these bomb, melt and bar thingymajigs make bathing so much more magical! A gorgeous rainbow of colours swirl in the water with billions of bubbles, then you step out to reveal the gleaming skin and scent of a sea siren.

I haven’t used any of these yet, so I can’t give a fantastic description of them, although I’ve heard amazing things about them if that helps. Here’s what I ended up with:

Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb.
Twilight Bath Bomb.
Honey Bee Bath Bomb.
Secret Garden Bath Bomb.
Blackberry Bath Bomb.
Sex Bomb Bath Bomb.
Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb – this one is supposedly full of surprises!
Big Blue Bath Bomb.
Floating Island Bath Melt.
Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt.
The Comforter Bubble Bar – I’ve heard you can break this one up so it lasts a couple of baths!
Bubble Grub Bubble Bar (how cute is he?!).
Golden Egg Bomb/Melt – smells like yummy toffee and gets gold shimmer EVERYWHERE.
Unicorn Horn (got these babies free because they overcharged me at first!).






Leave a comment to let me know any of your must have Lush products! 

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Amie Scott