Summer Life Hacks You’ll Love!

Heatstroke and sunburn have long been the scourge of summer. The pirates of the heatwaves. The…you get the idea. They’re just not very nice. Air Conditioners can be the superheroes on hot summer days, but they are the supervillain when it comes to sucking the money out of your purse via your electricity bill. These summer life hacks will help you to feel healthier and happier!


Summer is the time that you really need to keep your doors and windows open, to allow air to flow through the home. For quick air chilling hack, look no further than the trusty wet blanket. Hanging wet sheets at the open windows can really help in bringing down temperatures. The heat evaporates the water in the sheet, which in turn cools the air. Clever, right?

Eat Healthily

Even a slight change in diet can help with your internal thermal issue. Citrus fruits and watermelons are full of water, making the perfect choice for summer – throwing them into a blender to make them into smoothies is also tasty idea. If you don’t have one, sites like can help you to choose the best one. Just don’t live off fruit during summer. It’s still full of sugar and you can still gain weight! Eat/drink both fruit and vegetables for the best results. Eat as much veg as you like.

If spice is more your thing, then worry not – spicy food can actually help you keep cool, even as your mouth is burning, by way of perspiration. The very reason we sweat is to cool the body. Go for that curry with your friends every once in a while!



Stay hydrated

Always have fresh water at hand, right through the day. You may need up to 3 litres of the stuff over the course of a day and even more if you exercise. Water should be your go-to drink, but I know some people find it boring. Try investing in an Aquatiser bottle and infusing your water with fruit to make it way more interesting.

Make use of natural shade

Tree shade is probably the coolest place to be, outside anyway. Grab a comfy chair and pick a spot under a suitable tree and make use of its natural cooling abilities. Trees are so good for this because they not only block the sun, but they also absorb the heat as they transpire. Why not take your favourite book and relax for a while?

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Whenever you get the chance, get some cold water running over your wrists. Keeping your pulses cool can also help cool your blood. Hitting the face and temples with cold water has a very similar effect as does putting your feet in water and wearing a wet shirt.

Have a Makeover

This could also be a good time to go and get a summer haircut, as keeping it short can help heat dissipate away from your head and allow it keep cooler naturally. Instead of wearing heavy make-up, switch it for heat friendly products that won’t melt off your face. I prefer wearing tinted moisturiser and BB creams rather than foundation during summer, as they’re lighter and more natural looking! Waterproof make-up and products containing an SPF are perfect for the hottest time of year.

I hope you enjoyed my summer life hacks and find them useful! 

Amie Scott