Bohemian Decor Ideas and Tips!

I’ve done a lot of home decor research over the years. I’ve scoured Pinterest, roamed the isles of B&Q, and lusted over celebrity pads on MTV cribs. But it isn’t the luxury look that takes my fancy. I just love the bohemian decor look. I like the way it makes a room feel cosy, relaxed, and almost magical! When I get my own place, I plan on making this a running theme throughout the house. Here are some ideas and tips I really like!

Use a Variety of Materials

The bohemian theme always uses a variety of materials. Texture adds depth and interest to a room, and that’s what this is all about. You’ll never find a boring bohemian themed room. Use as many different materials as you see fit to add depth and interest.

Include Colour and Pattern

You don’t have to include colour and pattern, but it looks so much more fun and quirky if you do. You can afford to mix lots of different patterns and colours here, so don’t be afraid. You can pick statement seating and still have bright wallpaper – it can all work!

Use Quirky Accessories

Quirky accessories can help you to show off your personality with this style room. I love the idea of having an eastern style umbrella propped up somewhere. You can find so many quirky accessories by searching online, at carboots, and in stores like Ian Snow. If you don’t really know what to use, make sure you check out Pinterest. It’s where I go for all my bohemian inspo!



Atmospheric Lighting

You need to have atmospheric lighting in a room like this. Of course you want the option to let lots of natural light in, but when it’s time to chill, you need choices. Lamps and even fairy lights will help you to create the ambiance you desire. I love fairy lights in the bedroom!

Plants and Natural Materials

Natural materials will add a tranquil feel to the room, so make sure you include wood and stone. Plants can look great too, so don’t skimp on the greenery! If you’re worried about plants dying, use a few fake ones.

Display Art

Display as much art as you like in your bohemian decor; there are no rules! Put it anywhere you like too. Why not create a feature wall with it? You could even paint a mural if you’re a little arty yourself!

Layer Pillows

Something you’ll always see when it comes to bohemian decor, is layered pillows. Pillows of different shapes, sizes, and styles are usually layered on beds and sofas to get a really nice ‘hippy’ feel. The idea is to make furniture seem cosy!

I think the main thing with this is that you have a lot of fun and aim to show off your personality. Only include bits you really love, and you’ll end up with a look you’ll never get bored of! I can’t wait to get creative in my own bohemian home. Come back soon!

Amie Scott