Why Your Weight Loss Efforts Don’t Seem to be Working

So, you’ve slogged away for hours in the gym. You’ve eaten a few salads and you’re feeling unbelievably pissed off that you’re not seeing any results thus far. I’ve noticed a few people that fit this description all around social media lately. They say they’ve been giving it their all, but swear that eating right and exercise isn’t working for them. Then they’ll tag themselves in the pub all weekend. Hmmm, wonder what they could be doing wrong? There are other reasons your efforts may not be enough though. Here are some things that could be affecting your weight loss efforts:

You Think Weekends Don’t Count

Unfortunately, the food and drink you have on weekends does count. In fact, have enough of it and it can undo all of the hard work you’ve done previously. This means you won’t see any changes at all. Of course you’re allowed a treat from time to time, but having them relentlessly all weekend isn’t going to do you any good. Reign it in and you should notice a difference!

You’re Eating Too Much ‘Clean’ Food

People think that if they eat ‘clean’ all of their excess weight and fat will magically fall off them. This isn’t the case! Even eating clean can mean taking in a surplus of calories, which in turn will mean little to no weight loss or results. For instance, having a whole baked sweet potato with lunch, some pasta for dinner, and a protein pancake for supper could be considered a clean diet. But when you look at the amount of carbohydrates, you’ll quickly see why you’re not shedding the weight. This is why some people (including me) prefer a macronutrient tracking approach. You still eat many clean foods but you track the carbs, good fats, and protein you take in. You can also include a small treat too. Doing this won’t make you feel deprived of any foods and you’ll likely get much better results. You should also include supplements alongside your diet, but don’t be fooled into thinking they’ll work alone. Things like forskolin for weight loss have good reviews. Just make sure you do plenty of research!



You’re Not Challenging Yourself in Your Workouts

You can’t head to the gym and simply ‘go through the motions’. You need to challenge yourself and mix things up. Do a mix of strength training and cardio workouts, putting an emphasis on strength training to make sure you’re shaping your body.

You’re Not Measuring Yourself or Taking Pictures

Your weight may not have changed, but have you taken measurements and pictures? These are going to give you the real low down on what’s going on. Your weight may not change at all, but you might lose inches from your body.

You’re Being Impatient

You can’t get into a healthy routine for a couple of weeks, maybe even a month or so and expect to look like a fitness model. Real changes that last are made slowly. If you’ve started a month before you go on holiday, don’t expect to look like a VS model when you fly. You need to be in this for the long haul, as changing your body composition takes time.

Hopefully this has helped give you a little more insight and motivated you to carry on your journey!

Amie Scott