Too Much Drama: Do I Need a Therapist?

While everything in the world seems to be verging on drama, terrorism, and insanity, how are we supposed to stay positive and happy with our own lives? With mass shootings, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks in every continent, where do we go to feel safe? The truth is, there is no guarantee that anyplace is safe from random acts of violence or mother nature. However, you should not be sitting around waiting for something to happen or hiding out in your basement to avoid the dangers of the outside world. That kind of life is no life at all. You cannot hide from life and enjoy it at the same time. Sure, hiding in your basement may keep you safe from most things but it also keeps you from enjoying your life as well. If the recent events in the world are causing you undue stress or anxiety, maybe it is time you talk to someone about it.



Friend, Family, or Therapist

So, who can you talk to about your concerns? You can try talking to your family or friends but you know they are going to be biased and are not professional. Also, you may not want your friends and family to know about your feelings. They may feel sorry for you or worse, disagree with you and tell you that your worries are stupid. No matter what you are worrying about, your feelings are never stupid. They are your feelings and they are popping up for a reason. After all, look at all of the bad things happening in the world right now. It would be unusual for you not to be at least a little bit worried about the state of things. However, you cannot let your feelings take over your life and make you avoid everything and everyone. If you are seriously concerned about how you are feelings, your best bet is to talk to a therapist.

Finding a Therapist

If you are like the majority of the population, you do not have your own therapist and have no idea how to find one. Sure, you could just Google “therapist” and find one in your area that sounds good but you will have no idea if this person will be a good match for you or not and you will probably waste a lot of time setting appointments and going to meet them until you find the one who you feel most comfortable with. There are some organizations that will give you a list of the mental health care providers in your area, which include:

Online Therapy

An easier way to find a therapist is to use an online resource such as to help you. They are the largest mental health resource in the world and have over 2,000 licensed therapists and counselors available to help you. If you are looking to talk to a therapist and do not want to spend days or weeks looking for one, why not try online therapy? It is much more convenient and you do not even have to leave your house to do it.

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day – let’s stop mental health from being a taboo subject. Speak to somebody about the way you feel!

Amie Scott