The Ultimate Stress Busting Diet

Everybody knows that the food you eat has a big impact on your physical health. Eat badly and you’ll put on weight and increase your chances of developing a whole host of health problems. But your diet also plays a big role in your mental health as well. High stress levels are a big problem for so many of us and we don’t tackle it, we’re far more likely to develop more serious mental health problems. Things like getting enough sleep, taking regular breaks and exercising are all good ways to combat stress but your diet is often one of the most effective ways. If you’re suffering from high stress levels, try adding some of these amazing stress busting foods to your diet.




Folate (or vitamin B-9) is vital for producing red blood cells, improving metabolism and inspiring healthy cell growth. On top of all that, it’s great at reducing stress levels and has even been linked to a reduction in the symptoms of depression. You can find folate in a lot of different fruits and vegetables but one of the best sources out there is asparagus. It’s a great versatile vegetable that’s easy to add to your diet; you can boil it up and throw it in a salad, or grill it and serve it as a delicious side dish. They’re packed full of all sorts of other great vitamins and nutrients too so you can eat as many as you’d like.

Matcha Tea

Caffeine is one of the worst things for stress and most of us are getting too much from drinking coffee all day. If you want to cut down on your caffeine intake and benefit from stress busting amino acids, you can swap out your coffee for Matcha tea instead. L-Theanine is an amino acid that you do find in normal tea, but nowhere near the amount that you get from Matcha tea. It’s been found to help with relaxation and concentration and help you to sleep better at night. You can get Matcha from companies like focus supplements in powder form; just mix it with boiling water and you’ve got a delicious cup of tea that helps you to fight stress by giving you more L-Theanine and cutting out all of that caffeine from coffee at the same time.


Vitamin C is another great stress busting substance. Most people go straight to oranges when they’re trying to get vitamin C into their diet which is fine, but if you’re drinking a lot of orange juice then you’re also getting a lot of sugar. That sugar will cause you to crash after a while which will increase stress levels. You’re much better off getting your vitamin C from berries instead. They’re so easy to get into your diet because you can put a handful into your cereal in the morning, put them in deserts or even just eat them as a quick snack.

Add these 3 foods to your diet and you’ll see a big change in your stress levels in no time.  

Amie Scott