Supplements: A Total Myth Or The Real Deal?

If you’re just getting into training, you might be thinking about buying products to enhance your goals. There are supplements and vitamins out there that claim to do all kinds of things, from giving you more energy to helping you to feel less fatigued through your workouts. However, some people say that supplements are a total myth. What’s the truth? Should you spend your hard earned cash on them? Read on for a little advice!

The Truth About Supplements

Taking supplements can enhance the results you’re trying to get in the gym providing you take the right kind and get them from a reputable source. However, they will not do all of the work for you. No legal supplement will give you absolutely incredible results alone. You can get incredible results alone. No protein powder, no BCAAS – nothing. If you focus hard on your diet and training, you can achieve your goals without a single supplement. Just food and determination!



Still Want To Try Supplements?

If you have the money to buy supplements and you’d like to give them a try, there are a couple out there that could potentially help you to improve. You don’t need every single supplement under the sun, but a couple of them stacked up could speed things up a little. A few you could try include:

Protein Powder

Protein powder can be super useful if you don’t get enough protein in your diet currently. You can drink it alone or make things with it like protein pancakes. A high protein diet helps to repair, maintain, and build muscle. Protein also helps us to feel fuller for longer. Aiming for around .7 to .8 of a gram per pounds of bodyweight is a good idea if you like to use weights.


BCAAs can stop the body from going into a catabolic state. Basically, it can stop the body from eating away at your muscles. This may happen if you haven’t eaten in a long time, or you’re doing an extended workout. Maybe you enjoy working out on an empty stomach. BCAAs are a tasty drink to take with you to the gym, and can help you to recover faster and ache less too.


Creatine helps improve the body’s ability to produce energy rapidly. You can train harder and more often by taking a supplement like creatine, which is why many bodybuilders love stacking it with their other supplements. It can also help to improve protein synthesis.

What About Vitamins?

Vitamins can be great, but knowing which ones to take is important. Even more important is knowing what vitamins vegetarians need. Just some of the worthwhile vitamins for you may include:

  • A multivitamin – a multivitamin can be useful if you don’t get enough fruit and veg each day.
  • B12 – a good vitamin for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Vitamin D – keeps your bones, teeth, and muscles healthy.
  • Calcium – builds bones and keeps them healthy.

However, if you want to know for sure which vitamins to take, you can see a naturopath who will recommend some for your needs and lifestyle.

Will you be taking vitamins and supplements from now on, or will you go it alone and see what you can do?

Amie Scott