Relaxing yoga exercises you can do while sitting on a chair

Regardless of whether you’re injured or you don’t have mobility for some temporary illness or you find yourself stuck in an office chair, you can still practice yoga while sitting on your chair. It is not that the best yoga postures can be done only on a yoga mat but if you have the willingness of practicing yoga while being seated on a chair, you can still do that. With chair yoga, you can reap all the health benefits of yoga, bone mass & muscle, relaxation, balance and awareness of mind-spirit and body. So, here are few chair yoga postures that you can start doing to stay fit.

#1: Padmasana

Lotus position is considered as a conventional seat for meditation and for doing this, you can sit in a comfortable position on your desk chair keeping your neck and spine position erect and straight and then start calming down your brain. Keep your hands in a palms-up position where the first fingers and thumb will be touching. If you’re doing it in an office setting, you can sit on the chair and cross your legs to make the lotus position. Padmasana is said to destroy all diseases.

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#2: Garudasana or Eagle Arms

Sit down erect on a chair and place your arms in front at an angle of 90 degree. Cross in such a manner that the right arm is on top of the left and then interlock them and press the palms together. The tips of your fingers should be pointed upwards and feel yourself contracting. If you wish to get as stretch through your legs, you can even interlock them together as well.

#3: Knee squeeze

Sit straight in your chair, take a deep breath and hug both your hands around the left knee and pull it towards your chest. Hold in the breath for few seconds and then while you exhale, lower the head towards your knee and hold it there for few seconds. The pose relaxes the lower back and enhances respiration and digestion.

#4: Tadasana or mountain pose

This is usually a standing pose which can be modified and even done while sitting on a chair. While sitting straight on your chair, clasp the hands and inhale and exhale your arms forward. While inhaling, turn the palms far away from your body and exhale raising the arms till the palms face towards the ceiling. If you want to go deep into this posture, bend the arms on each side.

#5: Twist

Twists are ideal for maintaining a healthy spinal cord, strengthening obliques and detoxifying all the organs. Place the palms on the chair’s arms and inhale and when you exhale, turn your chest and the abdomen towards the right and move your shoulders. Inhale in order to expand your chest and exhale in order to twist deeper. Repeat on both sides.

Therefore, if you’re restricted to a chair due to your work pressures or health pressures, you can definitely do the above mentioned ones in order to boost your health conditions. Learn how to do it from your fitness instructor if you don’t know what to do.

Amie Scott