Put a Stop to Bingeing Over Christmas!

Bingeing over Christmas is a big problem for so many people – including me! We’ve all been there. We’ve all eaten one too many cheese crackers, Cadbury Roses, and biscuits. We’ve all drank so much wine that we couldn’t eat our Christmas dinner because we passed out. No? Oh…just me then. All of that aside, I’m here to help you put a stop to bingeing over Christmas. These tips should help you. I’m going to be using them myself!

Try to Keep as Much of a Routine as You Can

The key to avoiding a big binge is to keep as much of a routine as you can. If you wake up and go out without eating a healthy breakfast, chances are you’ll binge on the readily available sweets and chocolate. Keep as much of your regular routine as you can. I’ll still be eating my breakfast. Porridge and eggs to fill me up! I’ll also make sure I’m drinking lots of water to fill me up and hydrate me. I know Christmas can get busy, but it’s important you make healthy food choices where you can. Sites like uhn.net.au can help. Then you won’t feel guilty at times when you literally have no choice. It’ll also help you to learn to stop when you’re full. If you’re full after your Christmas dinner, don’t go back for seconds. There’s nothing worse than that ‘so full I could burst’ feeling. If you know you won’t be able to stop at one chocolate, don’t have a chocolate. All it takes is a little common sense.

Plan Your Binges

If you know there are going to be some occasions you won’t be able to help yourself, plan them. For instance, save yourself until your Christmas dinner. Then eat to your heart’s content. Try to go a few days eating regular, healthy food, and then allow yourself a Christmas cheat meal with chocolate and alcohol. It’s Christmas after all, so you can’t deprive yourself. Things will just work out much better if you plan!



Get Some Exercise in

There’s absolutely no excuse to stop exercising over Christmas. Many gyms stay open. You can even get a 20 minute workout in in your living room! It’s all down to your mindset. You’ll feel so much better after getting your exercise in, you won’t feel so guilty about having a hot chocolate with cream. That doesn’t mean you can eat what you want, when you want. It just helps when it comes to damage control. Just think of the way you’ll look in your little Christmas outfits! I’m probably going to go on a few nights out over Christmas, and I want to look amazing in my outfits. Hang your outfits in plain sight and think of them when you want to binge.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to put a stop to your Christmas binges. If you want to look amazing, you’ll exercise your willpower muscle (think of it as a real muscle. That helps too)!

Amie Scott