My Favourite Exercises by Bodypart!

I usually work out 5 or 6 times per week – this means I need to keep it interesting so that I don’t get bored of going! Not that I think I’d ever get bored of getting fitter and making progress, but you know what I mean. I want all of my sessions to be exciting. I’ve learned a lot of different exercises over the time I’ve been going to the gym, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you!

For Biceps

21s: This exercise is a really great exercise to take the biceps to failure. I usually use just a 10kg bar, 12.5kg at most! It hurts. You start holding the bar close to your thighs, then bring it just up so your forearms are parallel to the ground. 7 of those. Then 7 from parallel up to your chest. Then 7 the whole range of motion. No stopping.

Hammer curls: For this exercise I bring the dumbbells across my body and squeeze up to my chest on the opposite side.


Rope pushdown: Attach a rope to the top of the cable tower and stand with your body directly under it. You can also stand so that the rope is at an angle. Keeping arms close to the body, and top of the arms still, extend your forearms so you feel it in your triceps.

Tricep dips: I like to use two benches for this exercise. One for me to rest my feet on, and another for my palms. It makes it much harder!



Barbell/Dumbbell Chest Press: One of the best and most used chest exercises for a reason. You know what it is – just make sure you’re using proper form here and you feel the stretch where you’re supposed to.

Lying DB Flyes: Here your hold the dumbbells up and in between your face/chest, and then slowly lower arms out to the side until you feel a stretch. Always control this movement so you don’t hurt yourself.


Bent over barbell row: with a slight bend in the knees and a neutral spine, bend over so you’re at an angle. You can hold the bar straight down in front with a wide or narrow grip depending on your goal. Bring the bar up, and hold for a second. Slowly lower and repeat.

Seated cable row: with a bench and a cable tower, perform a cable row. The most important thing you can do is make sure you get the squeeze and stretch in your back here. Do not jerk your spine!

Pull ups: pull ups are an amazing exercise for not only your back, but shoulders, chest, and arms too!


Glute bridges: I perform glute bridges with a bench and barbell, but you can do it with a smith machine if you like. There are also some machines dedicated to this exercise. Squeeze and push through the heels as much as you can with this one! Any good fitness blog will tell you this exercise is incredible for your glutes.

Stiff leg deadlifts: stiff leg deadlifts give my hamstrings a great workout. Just make sure your back is in a neutral position – bend it and you’ll seriously hurt yourself!

Cable kickbacks: another great move for isolating the glutes. It’ll make you sweat!

Walking lunges (long stride): long stride walking lunges target the glutes best. Use a barbell or DBs depending on what you prefer.


Squats: many people use squats for glutes, but I think they work better on quads for me. However, it depends on the stance you use! I will widen my stance if I want to target glutes.

Walking lunges (short stride): shorter strides with walking lunges help to target the quads. I did this a few days ago and my quads are still on fire.


Calf raises: There isn’t a lot you can do for your calves, so it’s just variations of calf raises. You can perform them on the leg press, smith machine, or calf raise machine. I like doing them on the smith most of the time, standing on plates for an extra stretch!

I hope you like these exercises as much as me! For the exercises that I haven’t gone into too much detail about, there are plenty of YouTube videos. Make sure you watch them if you’re unsure! 

Amie Scott