Make A Splash With Your Workout

With life being so busy with work, family, friends and sleep, finding the time to get healthy can be a bit tricky. It’s not just the time either, you should find a workout that will suit you and fit around your commitments. When it comes to choosing the type of way you want to get fit, you need to consider your own current health and that includes your joints and your mobility. There are plenty of ways you can exercise that doesn’t involve you becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger if that’s not what you want!

Like running, swimming can be boring. Going up and down the pool doing length after length isn’t often inspiring. Sure, it’s a great way to have a low-impact work out that gets your heart rate up and running, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a little tedious. We spend hours in large bodies of water, testing out our capabilities and pushing our bodies to the limit with how much we swim, or even surf! Staying motivated during your water work out isn’t easy but with these tips, you can be excited and look forward to every splash you make.

Make It Fun

Swimming doesn’t have to be about doing lengths until your arms get tired. Why not join an aqua fit class? Aqua aerobics is a lot harder than a normal aerobics class as you are coping with the weight of the water as your resistance. It’s also far more fun than regular swimming, as you are jumping around like a madwoman and making huge waves with your own weight. Trying to run up and down a pool with an energetic trainer on the side encouraging you is fun, which makes this one a social sport!



Dance It

Going off the back of an aqua aerobics class, why not combine the fun and dancing of Zumba with the water? You know how difficult Zumba can be when you have two left feet; add water to that mix and you get a killer workout with the benefits of Zumba, burning hundreds of calories and making you want to keep going.

Steam It

After you swim, sitting in a sauna like the one you find in The Dartry Gym to sweat out the fat is one of the most relaxing things you can do. If you spend time in the sauna then dive back into the cool water it does wonders for your pores, too! So not only will you be looking after your body and doing a workout, you’ll do great things for your skin.

Swimming need not be something you do because you have to exercise. Making it fun with classes and saunas can mean you actually look forward to your workout and getting healthier. Getting fit is just one of those things you have to do in life and sweating it out in a pool is far more comfortable than the heat of the gym. Finding the time is the next bit and all you need is half an hour a day to have the maximum impact: it’s time to go shopping for that perfect swimsuit!

Amie Scott