Guest Post: Running With Flat Feet: The Facts and Tips You Need to Know

Do you have flat feet? Do you have any idea how running can differ when you have flat feet? Do you even know what flat feet are? Well, there’s nothing you should worry about since we will be tackling all the facts and tips you should know about running with flat feet.

What Are Flat Feet?

Having flat feet is a condition wherein the medial longitudinal arch of the foot collapses. As a result, your flat will look flat when you take a look at it from the side.In fact, a flat foot will have lower to no arch on it as compared to that of a normal foot.

While it may seem like this condition is only an aesthetic one, the low arch of your feet may lead to various problems like lower back pain, ankle pain, knee pain, heel pain, and bunions.



How Can Running Affect Me if I Have Flat Feet?

The normal foot may feel some pain after and while running so it is expected that running may pose a bigger problem for people with flat feet. This is because this type of foot is at risk of over-pronation. When we say pronation, we are talking about the normal way on how the foot rolls at the end of each step while running. This is necessary to minimize the impact that our feet receive.

During over-pronation, as in the case of flat feet, the feet rolls inward a bit too much which causes the ankle to extend and the lower leg bones and upper leg bones to rotate inwards too. This will result in too much stress (and pain) on the hips, knee joints, leg muscles, and ankles.

What Are the Tips I Should Know to Make Running Easier For Me?

If this is the case, what should a flat feet runner do to prevent these possible complications? Keep in mind that the pain comes not from flat feet but from over-pronation, so your focus is to help avoid or minimize it. Here are some tips on how you can do that:

Give your feet and ankle adequate support when running.

There are arch support insoles that you can insert in your shoes which can prevent your feet’s tendency to overpronate when you run. These insoles come in different types, and the best one for you will depend on how severe your condition is. It is best that you work with a podiatrist to determine which type of insole is suitable for your needs.

Use the right shoes.

Yes, the type of shoes that you will wear matters. There are plenty of sneakers for flat feet that will provide it the arch support that it needs. If you opt for these shoes, you will no longer need to insert arch support insoles into it.



Run on the right surface.

In addition to the shoes that you are using, the type of surface you are running in is important too. Try to shy away from concrete and pavement as these surfaces will offer more resistance. The best surfaces to run on if you have flat feet is either an asphalt track or a treadmill. You can also try using non-impact equipment like stair machines and elliptical trainers to avoid overpronation.

Ease pain with a foam roller.

If the pain is a problem for you, you can easily relieve it with the use of a foam roller. When using a foam roller, do not push it too hard against your feet. In addition to reducing pain, you can also use your foam roller in warming up your leg muscles which help to minimize your risk of injury.

Strengthen your ankle.

Since you have flat feet, you are also prone to having shin splints and having a strong ankle can help you to avoid that. You can condition and boost the strength of your ankles simple by doing certain exercises like one leg mini squats, standing on one leg, calf raise, standing squat jumps, scissor hops and bounding.

Yes, you have flat feet but you should not let your condition prevent you from enjoying running. With the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can be able to minimize your feet’s tendency to overpronate and you can enjoy the benefits of running pain-free!

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