Get Fit And Healthy Without Ever Stepping Foot In A Gym

Would you love to get fit and healthy without ever stepping foot in a gym? I know that gyms can be intimidating. This is why years ago, when all I wanted was to be slim and healthy, I paid for a membership but hardly ever went. When I did go, I’d mess around on the treadmill for an hour and then leave – no real idea of what or why I should be doing certain things. Then I gave up all together. I always thought about being fit and healthy, but never actually did anything about it. I did get into home workouts at one point, which I really enjoyed and didn’t take me long. Then that led me to joining an outdoor bootcamp, which then gave me enough confidence to go to the gym! I’m still at the gym now, after 2 years. Of course I’ve had off weeks. In fact, this year I had a couple of off months where I just wanted to eat rubbish and laze about. Luckily I got my motivation back, and I’m feeling better than ever! You might think you’ll never feel that way about the gym, and that’s fine. It’s still no excuse not to get your body moving. Here’s how you can get fit and healthy without ever stepping foot in a gym:

Make Your Diet A Priority

The first thing you need to do is make your diet a priority. After all, it’s your diet that plays the biggest part in how healthy we are, and how we look. The truth is, if your diet is on point, you may not need to work out at all to get an awesome looking physique! That being said, it’s healthy to move our bodies around, so you should still try to get active where possible. You may need a complete diet overhaul, or you may just need to make a few small changes. Here are some tips that I found helped me when changing my diet:

  • I simply started making healthier choices at first. Looking back, I did tend to think that some of my choices were healthier than they really were. For instance, shop bought salads and flavoured water sound healthy, but they can contain more calories than you realise, lots of sugar and junk. Even so, it helped me get into the habit of making healthier choices.
  • I researched clean eating, and started trying to eat mostly natural foods during the week. I’d have lean meats (when I ate meat – I’m a veggie now), eggs, sweet potatoes, lots of veg, etc. On the weekend I’d drink alcohol and binge, which is probably why I didn’t get amazing results. Still, I was slowly changing my tastes when it came to food.
  • I learned about balanced diets and counting macros. This is pretty much what my diet consists of now. I eat things like veg, fruit, nuts, nut butter, tofu, soy milk, and Quorn products. If I want a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps, I won’t deprive myself. This mindset means I feel much less inclined to binge on the weekend. Instead of counting calories, I count my macros. This is my proteins, carbs, and fats, It ensures I get a good mix of everything I need and that I have a balanced diet. It also supports my weight training!



Download Apps

I downloaded apps when I started working out at home. I used tabata and HIIT apps. Usually, I would design my own workouts by choosing maybe 5 all over body exercises I liked, and then repeating them for maybe 15-20 minutes. Apps can help to keep you focused. At the minute, I use MyFitnessPal every day to track what I’m eating. Here, I can clearly see my protein, carbs, fats, sugar, and sodium. Some people won’t like tracking their food like this, but I love it!

Buy A Few Pieces Of Equipment

I also made sure I had a few pieces of equipment in my house. I had resistance bands and kettlebells, as I enjoyed using them. It’s up to you what you have. You could have barbells, yoga matts, weighted balls, dumbbells, etc. Having a few things like this will help you to switch your workouts up and stop you from getting bored.




Workout DVDs can be fun. However, you really do need to be consistent with them if you’re going to see results. You can’t expect to do a Charlotte Crosby dvd twice a week, eat whatever you want and get awesome results. You need to balance at least 3 workouts a week with your balanced diet. Only then will you get awesome results!

Walk, Run, Swim, Cycle – Anything!

You don’t want to do all of your exercise in the house, so make sure you get outside too. You could go for a long walk, a short run, head to the pool for a swim, or even cycle about town. Whatever you enjoy doing to get your body moving. Keeping things interesting will stop you from getting bored. I love walking, as it helps me to clear my head. If you don’t want to walk outside just yet, you can read more about folding treadmills to do it at home. Just bear in mind that these are all forms of cardio, so you’ll need to get some resistance training in there for overall health and fitness. You’ll also change your body composition this way. If you only do things like walking and running, you’ll lose weight but you won’t ‘tone up’ your body or change the shape of it. What most people want to do is tighten their tummy, firm their bum, and get definition in their arms. You do this by both losing fat (not weight) and building up muscle. This is why a good mix is essential!

Ready to get fit and healthy without stepping foot in a gym? Use these tips, start researching, and just get moving. Leave your thoughts below!

Amie Scott