Fitness Goals: The Best Training Techniques To Get Lean!

Like fashion, fitness trends change and evolve all the time. We managed to survive the era when skinny was chic, but now, there’s a much healthier and more attainable goal in sight. Strong is the new skinny, and with the right training techniques, anyone can become a lean, mean machine. Gone are the days of pounding the treadmill for hours on a low-calorie, no carb diet. Today, it’s all about honing and toning the wonderful machine that is the human body. If you’re keen to tone up, get strong, and improve your health at the same time, here are some different types of exercise to try:

Weight Training

Before you start making excuses about not being able to lift weights, bear in mind that the term weights covers everything from small handheld 2 kg weights to the giant discs you see on display at the gym. Weight lifting isn’t all about having the biggest shoulders or biceps that pop out under your top. Lifting light weights is a great way of speeding up your metabolism, toning up, and making your body more defined. If you’re keen to get rid of wobbly bits, and you’d quite like a bit of definition in your arms and legs, don’t write weights off before you’ve given this type of training a go. If you’ve not done any weight training before, it’s a good idea to book a couple of personal training sessions to get some tips and perfect your technique.


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 Martial Arts

Do you want to get fit as well as being able to handle yourself in potentially dangerous situations? Are you keen to learn new skills or feel stronger? If so, martial arts are an excellent choice. Not only do they work all your major muscle groups. They also teach you how to defend yourself. When you take classes in judo, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu or taekwondo, you’ll learn the basic moves, and then build up your skill set as you become fitter and more accomplished. You’ll become stronger and faster, and your endurance will improve. You should also feel more confident when you’re out and about. If you ever have moments when you feel vulnerable walking home after work or taking a ride on the subway at night, deciding to learn Muay Thai for self-defence could give you peace of mind. If you’re interested in martial arts, search online for local schools or classes. You can start at beginner level, and work your way up.

Power Yoga

Yoga is deemed a relaxing activity, but it can also provide a rigorous workout for your body. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for toning, and you should find that you look and feel leaner within weeks. If you’re after faster, more noticeable results, try power yoga. This form of yoga is more intensive, and it combines traditional yoga poses with fitness exercises. You’ll move your body more, put it under greater stress and strain, and you should notice changes very quickly.

Getting fit isn’t about losing weight anymore. In the last few years, there’s been a massive shift from skinny to strong, and many of us hit the gym eager to become leaner, rather than thinner. If you’re looking for exercises to turn you into a lean, mean machine, give these ideas a go!

Amie Scott