Eating Like A Green Goddess: Five Tips For Eating Healthily Over The Holidays

Scientific research shows that, on average, we put on at least five pounds over the holidays as we swap our morning workout for Netflix binges, load up on carbs at the office party, and brunch takes on a whole new meaning as we wander downstairs for snacks.

However, all this sweet, savory and downright sugary food isn’t good for our health so before you dive face first into a pile of festive crisps keep these golden rules in mind, trust me

– your body will thank you for it!

Stay Hydrated

We all know just how busy the holidays are what with last minute gift shopping and decorating what seems to be the world’s bushiest Christmas tree but it’s vital that you keep drinking water. Why not grab yourself a snazzy, soft top water bottle that you can easily carry around? The recommended quantity of water is around 2-2.5 litres per day, and even Santa had to stop for that mince pie and glass of milk!

Eat Breakfast Every Day

When your mother told you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day as a child she wasn’t joking. Why not make yourself a nutritious, healthy breakfast such as oat porridge with manuka honey and berries, fruit salad with chopped nuts or some low fat shredded wheat? There are so many options to choose from when it comes to healthy breakfasts. Oats are what’s known as a slow release food which means you’ll have plenty of energy to last you throughout the day while chopped nuts, especially a mix, contain potassium, protein, and calcium which your body needs on a daily basis.



Snack Smart

Sometimes you just need the satisfaction that snacking provides and unsalted, natural popcorn is an excellent, low-fat option that’s festive at the same time. For an extra special treat why not drizzle a little dark chocolate over the top and garnish with winter berries? Another tasty treat that won’t have you calorie counting for the rest of the day are small handfuls of candied or salted almonds they’re delicious, crunchy and guilt free.

Back Away From The Booze

The problem with Christmas cocktails is that quite often you don’t know what’s in them and more importantly how many calories they contain. That being said it is the holidays so feel free to have one or two winter snaps, they taste just like gingerbread cookies but with a kick of vodka! For a more natural taste use an organic vodka and grind some stem ginger, finish with a cinnamon-dusted orange wedge and serve in a sugar-rimmed champagne flute.

Don’t Let The Buffet Fool You

Catered buffets bamboozle even the most health conscious of us so by remembering the following tips you’ll be able to enjoy what’s on offer without overdoing it. First, mentally divide your plate into sections, so you know roughly how much you plan on eating of say meat, pasta, bread, potatoes and then stick to it. Secondly, look out for steamed, baked or grilled items. Lastly? Grab plenty of leafy greens, veg, and salad.

 Not long to wait for the big day now! 

Amie Scott