But How Do Fit Girls Do To Stay Slim And Healthy?

Every new year brings for many the sempiternal same resolution about fitness, whether it describes a slimmer you, a fitter you, or a more enthusiastic you who signs up to the local gym. It’s all about fitness because somehow most people are not satisfied with the way they look. This has more to do with the image of beauty medias transport than your actual level of fitness. But this is a different story! On the path to fitness, there is always someone you will look up to. This may be the girl on the treadmill next to you, a famous actress, or your best friend. There is always someone that is better, in your opinion at least. Today’s article will not discuss how right your opinion might be. Today’s question is ‘how do they do it?’

It’s Not Just Gym Membership; It’s A Full Lifestyle

At the start of the year, you signed up at the gym and you bought brand new fitness clothes to motivate yourself. But now, you barely remember the interior décor at the gym, and your brand new clothes smell of dust. There are many good reasons why you didn’t stick to it: Maybe work was taking too much time, maybe you felt too self-aware, etc. There are plenty of maybes that serve as excuses. The main reason why you didn’t stick with your gym resolution, is because you tried to fit it into your usual, everyday routine. You made no change to your approach to life, and consequently, the introduction of something as foreign as regular gym sessions was doomed to be a failure. Don’t worry: It’s a common mistake. The only way to stick to your fitness goal is to create an entire fitness programme around it. This will spread your fitness priorities across your entire routine. In short, it’s not only about spending half an hour on the treadmill every few days. It’s about creating new healthy patterns in your life, starting from early wake up to private health cover.

No Excuse, Fitness Can Happen Anywhere

It is a common misconception that the only way to get fit is to go to the gym. People who stay fit and healthy have successfully introduced fitness inside their home too, so that it is always part of their lives. For example, they have invested in the appropriate Yoga or Gymnastic equipment that enables them to continue to exercise at home. As this might seem like a costly step, this actually makes your while fitness programme appear more natural and accessible. If purchase new equipment is too expensive, or if you have limited space in your house, there are still alternatives to it. Some people like to exercise during their favourite TV show, and will even go as far as only watching it as they exercise. Others like to run in town. Fitness offers an infinite number of options!



It Starts In The Mind

Before you build a strong body, you need to build a strong mind. And it’s all about saying no to things you would have normally said yes to, such as an extra serving of pudding, another drink at the pub, or even a potato couch weekend. Getting fit and staying fit starts as a new habit that you bring into your life. It demands a lot of motivation at first, but it’ll soon get easier! Stay focused, and it’s a promise, you will get there just as all those fit girls you look up to have done before you. Your mindset is crucial! 

You can do it – don’t give up!

Amie Scott