5 Fitness Misconceptions You Should Know About

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to fitness. People think they know all about it, but they only know what they’ve read in magazines and from untrustworthy sources. The truth is, everybody is going to have a differing opinion on fitness – even professionals. But there are some things that you definitely shouldn’t listen to. Take a look at these 5 fitness misconceptions you should know about:

You Should Stretch Before Your Workout

Stretching before your workout is a big mistake, yet so many people think that they’re supposed to do it. Stretching a cold muscle can actually hinder your workout and lead to injury. Stretching is fine after a workout, but never before. Before, you want to do some dynamic warm ups to help your blood start pumping and really get warm!

The More Exercise You Do, the Better

It isn’t all about the amount of exercise you do. More than anything, it’s usually the intensity. If you know you’ve had a good workout in 20 minutes, that’s fantastic! It definitely isn’t about the amount of calories you burn or hours you spend in the gym. You won’t catch me wearing out my favourite sports shoes with hours of boring cardio! This isn’t a race, and you’ll only end up hurting yourself.

Women Need to Workout a Different Way

Nope! Women and men should work out in exactly the same way to get results. Our muscles work the same way, so it makes no sense for women to do light weights/high reps while men do the opposite. In fact, I’d say more women should work out ‘like men’ to get the results they want. Trust me – you’ll be amazed!

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You Can Just ‘Tone Up’

No, no, and no again. Did I say no? You cannot just tone up. I’ve mentioned before how I hate this term, and there’s a very good reason why. Women say they want to tone all the time, but you can’t just tone your muscles – they’re already ‘toned’ or they wouldn’t work! You can either build them to make them more prominent (naturally thin people should consider this), or lose fat to show them off (people who hold on to fat should consider this). Everybody has a different body type and everybody reacts to exercise differently, but toning does not exist.

You Can Eat What You Want Because You Work Out

As I’ve mentioned before, it isn’t always about calories in vs. calories out. While that plays a part, you’ll end up ‘skinny fat’ if you don’t eat the right foods. You should aim to support your hard work in the gym with the right foods. This does by no means mean starving yourself and only eating leaves. It means eating lots of protein, healthy fats, and good carbs. You can even throw in a little treat every now and again. If you struggle with your diet, focus on making healthy swaps using more natural foods. You can then begin to monitor your food intake when you feel ready.

Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask me!

Amie Scott