White Collar Boxing Black Tie Night Out








Today I thought I’d blog about this playsuit that I bought for a black tie event last weekend. I first saw it a few months back on the gorgeous Jourdan Dunn, but didn’t have a good reason to buy it or try it on. Then last weekend, my boyfriend and I had a black tie event (a white collar boxing night for charity) to attend so I decided to find something nice to wear – enter this sexy black playsuit.

It’s so flattering, and Topshop do it in lots of different colours (I think a tropical pattern too). I love it! I wore it with my ‘mermaid’ bag that shines different colours in the light, and my baby pink heels to add a just a smidge of colour.

I kept my jewellery simple, wearing just my Marc Jacobs ‘Baker’ watch and Pandora ring.

Playsuit – Topshop.

‘Mermaid’ bag – River Island.

Heels – New Look.

Of course I was stressing for a while about what to wear, like any normal female would (I use the term ‘normal’ loosely). There were some ladies there dressed up in full on evening gowns, but I don’t think they’re my ‘thing’ anyway!

What would you wear to a black tie event?

P.S. Can you tell I’ve been having fun with different apps? Hence why there are so many of me in this post!

Amie Scott