The Best Dressed Royals: Which Royal is Giving us The Most Style Inspiration?

The British royal family are usually the most talked about royals, but other princesses deserve some attention too! Not only do these royal females look flawless when they step out of the palace; they’ve given the world some major style envy.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, England

We all know that the latest addition to the British royal family has gained herself some fashion followers after her welcoming into the royal family.

Who can forget Meghan’s silk gown that she wore for luncheon after the big wedding? High-street designers frantically began to replicate the dress to meet the demand for the style that was expected to follow — and they made the right decision. Research revealed searches for ‘halter neck dresses’ were up 40% following the royal wedding and the term ‘halter neck tops’ increased 21% week on week as people tried to replicate her look on the special day.

It looks like we all want to copy her accessories too! After the official engagement announcement in 2017, Meghan attended an event in Nottingham with a Strathberry tote bag in hand. Global search engine data reveals a 398% increase in searches for ‘Strathberry’ from November to December 2017.


Crown Princess Victoria, Sweden

Even Princess Victoria fell for “the Kate effect”! She was spotted in an above-the-knee navy pleated dress to show off her baby bump in 2015, even though the Duchess of Cambridge had worn it for a private event the year before.

She’s always been recognised for her love of loud prints, and August 2018 was no different. Princess Victoria stepped onto the red carpet at a sustainability awards event wearing a Maxjenny party dress featuring scenic landscapes. This look generated some interest around the brand too, with searches of the designer rising by 222% from July to August of the same year.

Queen Letizia, Spain

Spanish people love Queen Letizia for her stunning wardrobe which is made up of high-street bargains and catwalk designers.  

She certainly turned heads on her state visit to the UK in 2017. Complete with intricate beading detail. It didn’t take long for the media to report how people could copy the look, with the Daily Mail suggesting a crimson fishtail dress from QUIZ as a high-street alternative.

On the same trip, the Queen wore a stunning floral embroidered skirt from high-end designer, Carolina Herrera. It’s no surprise that searches for the term ‘Carolina Herrera skirt’ rose by 50% from June to July of the same year.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, England

Research suggested that this royal princess was the most likely to convince American shoppers to purchase a UK brand. The Duchess of Cambridge has built up a loyal fashion following over the years that she’s been in the spotlight. Her influence on fashion even has its own name — ‘the Kate effect’.

After Kate wears a garment, it reportedly increases the desirability among 38% of US shoppers. We can tell she’s loved outside her nation too! After she arrived at the Victoria and Albert museum wearing a tweed dress in October 2018, search volume between September and October for the term ‘tweed dress’ rose by 50%.


Crown Princess Mary, Denmark

Princess Mary got thrown into the spotlight when she wed Prince Frederik in 2004, and she’s since been recognised for her vibrant prints and stunning dresses.

Mary is also often spotted in a statement dress coat and pillbox hat, channelling Jackie Kennedy vibes. With her love for bright colours and stand-out styles, everyone was wanting to copy her look after she attended the Copenhagen Concert Hall in Denmark for the opening of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in May 2018. Dressed in a chic blouse tucked into a pleated skirt by Charlotte Eskildsen, she certainly looked the part. Searches for designer ‘Charlotte Eskilden’ rose 51% after she stepped out wearing the brand.

Who’s style do you love most?

Amie Scott