Rehab Pool Party – Las Vegas







Rehab pool party in Las Vegas is the most famous pool party in the state. If my sources are correct, it was the very first party of its kind to be held in Vegas, paving the way for many others like it but that just aren’t quite the same.

It’s held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which is where Joe and me stayed on our trip over there. It used to be exclusively a Sunday thing, but now it’s held on Saturdays too. When asking the concierge which day he thought best for us to go, he said, ‘it depends if you want Crazy, or Crazy Crazy’. We decided to stick with just one Crazy and attend on the Saturday. We weren’t entirely sure we could handle two whole Crazy’s.

As promised, the party was insane. It started out quietly, gradually getting louder and, you guessed it, Crazier as the day wore on. The music was mainly hip hop, accompanied with lots of twerking from the ladies in the pool. Later on, a rapper called Schoolboy Q arrived and performed.

Joe and me just lay back and watched everything unfold with our huge Rehab drink cups in hand (which aint cheap, let me tell you). At one point, Joe did get told off by a lifeguard for picking me up and chucking me in the air while in one of the multiple pools – Crazy, right? The party goes on for hours, but by the end I’d had a little bit too much to drink and Joe had to escort me to our room to recover. He didn’t last much longer than me!

The look I went for on this occasion is what I’d describe as ‘Space Mermaid’. I was feeling…can you guess? Crazy!

Bikini – Topshop.

Beach Cover Up – River Island.

Bag – River Island.

Shoes – River Island.

Hair Chalk – Topshop.

Bindi’s – eBay.

Sunglasses – Topshop.

A Taster of What We Were Listening to that Day – B.O.B ft. 2 Chainz – HeadBand

Amie Scott