My Christmas and New Year 2014



Long time no see! I know this post is really, really late but you’ll have to forgive me. I’ve been mega busy, and as you may already know I write for a living and the first week back at work has really taken it out of me! Anyways, I’m here now to regale you with my glorious adventures over the festive period, as well as some of my fave outfits.

First up: do you like my tree? It’s only teeny tiny in real life (donated to me and Joe by my mother), but I love it! We went Xmas decoration shopping and I decided on silver, gold, purple, and blue. Magical mermaidy colours! It was Joe’s idea to put my zombie doll, Priscilla Pendulum, on the top. He won her for me at a bonfire night fair…doesn’t she match beautifully?!

I know Christmas isn’t all about the presents, but I got some bloody good ones this year!

My boyfriend, Joe, really surprised me: Bluetooth speakers, a Buddha Pandora charm, a gorgeous Ted Baker dress (that he picked all on his own), and to top it all off…a trip to Amsterdam at the end of January (expect a post)!

I had cold hard cash from everybody else, and our apartment is overrun with nice smelly stuff.

Have a gander at some of my fave festive outfits:


 Work’s Christmas Meal at The Mailbox in Birmingham (I say work but I’m freelance, so It’s like my client? Complicated lol…)

Top – Topshop

Skirt – River Island (colour no longer on site)


Joe’s Birthday/Christmas Eve

Playsuit – Motel Rocks


Christmas Day

Top – Topshop

Skirt – Missguided (now only £4!)

Tights – Wolford


A Random Day Inbetween Christmas and New Year

Top – River Island

Trousers – Missguided

Bag – Depop @kyliejanee (handmade and only £10!)


New Years Eve in Croyde (more on this later…)

Top – Topshop (no longer on site)

Skirt – Primark

Shoes – Missguided

Bag – Depop @Kyliejanee

So, on to Croyde. We’re always trying to think of new, inventive things to do on New Year’s Eve, and this year was no different. We decided on a weekend in the seaside town, Croyde. Everybody who we spoke to beforehand said, ‘where’s that?’. I admit, I hadn’t heard of it either. It was one of our friend’s ideas to go, as she used to visit when she was younger.

There wasn’t much to do in a seaside town with only 3 pubs during winter apart from drink and eat, but those are two of our favourite things so we were absolutely fine!

Oh, and the fact that it was insanely windy (and sometimes rainy) didn’t stop us from going to the beach…


Have an incredible 2015, and thanks for sticking with me even though I’m a little (OK, a lot) lazy!

Lots of love


What I’m Listening to: Jamie T – Rabbit Hole

P.S. I don’t believe in all that new year’s resolution mumbo jumbo, so I’m afraid I’m probably not going to change at all!

Amie Scott