In it For the Long Haul








Hello! This post is introducing the outfit I wore on the 10 hour flight to Las Vegas. I wanted to be comfortable, so I thought this would do nicely. I’d never been on a long haul flight before, but it was very comfortable and we had a load of recent films to watch. They kept us well fed for free too – it was a little bit like having a duvet day on a plane! I did get a little hot at one point, but it’s better than having to pull out a denim shorts wedgie every 5 minutes, right? The only thing that bothered me was that Joe and me weren’t seated next to each other, because we booked with Expedia rather than through Virgin. Still a great flight though!

 I’d lusted after a gorgeous pair of bellbottoms for a while, and finally found some on a clothing site based in the USA. They were worth the wait for delivery! The long black cardi thingy – what do you call it? I’m not sure. Anyway, it was a last minute purchase and I’m glad I did. I wore it a few times and thought it added a nice hippy/witchy edge to an outfit.

Top – River Island.

Long Cardi Thingy – Missguided.

Bellbottoms – PYLO.

Shoes (didn’t get a close up, sorry) – Primark.

Evil Eye Ring – Megan’s Beaded Designs.

Baroque Style Ring – Peacocks.

Necklace – Urban Outfitters.

What would you wear on a long haul flight? Leave a comment! More Vegas outfit posts coming soon…

What I’m listening to at the moment: All The Rage Back Home – Interpol

Amie Scott