Saving Money on Your Dream Vacation

If you’re looking to save money on your dream vacation this summer the best advice is to get start as soon as possible for cheap travel requires some planning in advance. In part, this is because the closer you get to departure, the less availability there is on flights, and with regard to the economic principle of supply and demand the price has a tendency to go up rather than down a the plane starts to fill up.

If you’re the type of person that just puts things on a credit card, and saving money is something you’re into, it might be worth looking into debt consolidation loan companies as a way to save a lot of money on the fees and interest associated with borrowing on credit cards, as this way, with the money you save – you can put into your travel fund.

This article looks at the two largest expenses associated with travel; flights and accommodation and offers some tips on how to save money within these areas.



Flights can make a huge dent in your travel budget, however, if you invest some time into searching for cheap flights via comparison engines such as SkyScanner or Momondo you can save a huge amount of money.

With SkyScanner, if you can be flexible, you will find the cheapest flights by searching for the “whole month” rather than a specific date and for all flights going to a particular country rather than a city (e.g. UK rather than London) as with this level of flexibility you’ll get to see some of the best deals you might not have considered otherwise.  

In summary, the more flexible you can be in terms of your travel dates and locations, the cheaper deals you will find, which when you consider you can save upwards of $500 per ticket, simply by changing the date or flying to an airport that’s an hour out of the city you want to be in – it’s worth looking into.



A further large expense that can be equally taxing on your purse, or wallet, is that of accommodation; even in countries known for being cheap such as South East Asia, staying in a decent hotel meaning a standard that is equivalent to what you’re used to – will cost a fair amount of money.

The option to rent a property on a site like AirBnB is often significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel, plus you tend to have use of the kitchen, which means you can keep costs down n food… and it also allows for authentic and culturally integrated experience.

The last thing to consider, if you’re on a super tight budget is that there are sites such as workaway and house sitting sites that are good for long term travellers as these are both ways to obtain free accommodation.

There are numerous ways to save on your dream vacation – it all depends on how determined you are to go!

How to Plan and Book your Dream Vacation

If you want to make sure that you plan the vacation you have always dreamed of then it’s more than possible for you to do this and you can even do it on a budget as well. All you have to do is make sure that you make good decisions along the way, and do your research.




When setting your budget, try and find a number that you are comfortable with but also a number that you can realistically come up with. If you believe that you can only spare a couple of thousand then try and crunch some numbers so that you can find a way to get more money or consider going to a festival. If you want to save, think to yourself, could you cut back on going out for that daily coffee? Could you stop going for manicures? Do you really need to eat out? All of this will really help you to get the best result out of your vacation and you may even find that you can afford way more than you think.


Picking a destination can take so much time. The main thing that you have to do here is make sure that you choose destinations that you can afford. There is no point in you writing destinations down such as New York or the Caribbean if you can’t actually afford it and there is no point in you going the extra mile to try and make this happen either. Just accept the fact that it is out of the picture and focus all of your efforts on making sure that you find somewhere just as spectacular. After all, a good destination doesn’t mean a good holiday, and it is more than possible for you to have the holiday of your dreams without breaking the bank. For example, if you can’t afford a New York City holiday, why not book a luxury hotel such as the Jacksonville Marriott instead? When you do this, you can really make your trip special.


When you have a rough idea of where you want to go, make sure that you look up some of the luxury attractions that are there and also look up any accommodation as well. It also helps to look up sites that are not biased as well, so that you can find out the good and bad things about an area. If you just focus on the good things then you may run into problems when you get there. If you know what to expect however, then there won’t be any nasty surprises. Depending on the area that you are visiting, it also helps to look up the crime rate in the area and make yourself aware of any potential corruption as well.


You can’t predict whether or not it is going to rain during your vacation, but you can try and make sure that you book it during the warmer seasons. This may cost you more, but it is well worth it and it can make all of the difference to your time there as well. If you can’t afford the expense, try and take it out on a payment plan so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.