SCAM: DO NOT BUY (and a rant about customer service)

Today I want to bring attention to the website It’s gaining a little popularity at the moment due to a few Instagram/Youtube fitness personalities wearing their copies of the Bombshell leggings. However, it appears that unless you are fitness influencer, you do not receive your products and their customer service is totally non-existent!

No Apology

I ordered some leggings from them after watching a flattering review from Carys at BusyBeeFitness. I paid £3.99 for 1-2 day postage (the only option available). My order wasn’t with me after 3 days, so I commented on their Instagram asking for advice. They replied telling me to ‘please email’ (hmm, very short, I thought). After emailing them, they said I should have received my leggings by now and that because they had a sale on, the leggings were out of stock. They said they would send me some more out on Friday when they restocked.

This sounds all well and good, however, the thing that struck me the most was the lack of apology from them. They spoke as if they were entirely indifferent about the mishap. I was a little perturbed, and responded asking them if I would receive any compensation for this (the postage costs back perhaps?) – after all, shouldn’t they want to keep me as a loyal customer, make me happy? No reply.

Deleting Comments And Getting Blocked

I browsed their Instagram a few days after this – a girl had commented on one of their pictures seemingly in the same predicament as me. I replied to her and told her I was in the same boat. Checking back a short while later, both of our comments had been deleted. You can imagine how pissed I was starting to get. I commented again, asking why they had deleted the comments. They told me: ‘if you would like help email with your tracking number’. I replied again, telling them that I had and had received no reply, and that I was shocked by their lack of customer service. Again, I checked back a short while later. I was beside myself when I realised that they had not only deleted my comment; they had BLOCKED ME from their Instagram. They had, however, finally decided to email me back after 2 days of silence. Here are screenshots of the conversation:


This is about the time I started to LOSE MY SHIT. It’s not their fault? ‘Royal Mail lost my order’ apparently, yet they are sending me the order when it’s back in stock? They are clearly telling fibs here. It does not add up. As you can see, still no apology or sign that they give a shit. When I proceeded to ask them what sort of a company blocks a customer on Instagram, the conversation continued…



Bad Customer Service

I hope you can agree with me when I say their attitude towards customers stinks. In my final email I asked for a refund, and I am yet to get a reply. Who knows if it will come? I have spoken to a few girls on the GraceFitUK Guide Facebook group and they have had exactly the same problem. Some of them finally received their leggings after a month, but agreed that their customer service is non existent and that it just isn’t worth the stress. What kind of a company deletes comments from customers and then blocks them?

Please do yourself a favour and avoid this company at all costs. Order from a company who cares about their customers. You’ll probably receive your leggings on time, and even if you don’t, you might end up speaking to someone who actually gives a shit!

Roots Collective Vegetable Blends Review!

I was recently contacted by a company called Roots Collective, asking if I’d like to try out some of their products. Loving anything veggie and health related, of course I said yes. They sent me a selection of vegetable ‘blends’ – that’s right, blends; not smoothies or juices. The great thing about these blends is that you can drink them cold, warm them up as a soup, or even use them as a sauce in one of your meals.

But what makes the blends different from juices or smoothies? There’s at least 80% vegetable in each recipe, and no added fruit juice. I love that the nutritional values are great, and they’re not full of sugar like a lot of products you find in the shops. They use high pressure processing to ensure the highest nutrient content possible, and each recipe is gluten and dairy free. A whole quarter kilo (as a minimum) is included in each one – that’s a lot of veg! This is a really low cal, tasty way to get your veg intake up. Plus, they have extensive farming knowledge and use only the freshest produce in their blends. There are 5 unique blends, and they kindly let me try them all.


Opening the package I was SUPER impressed with the little chiller bag they put them in. I think it’s so cute and I’m definitely going to find another use for it. The packaging is great and contains all of the information you could need to know. The blends all scan into MyFitnessPal too, which is great for those tracking their cals/macros like me! I’m afraid I was boring and drank each one cold as an afternoon snack while I worked, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed them any less.

Carrot Zing – carrots, root ginger, coconut milk, lime juice, and a dash of honey. This one had a thick, pretty bitty texture. Quite liked this one, but I imagine it would have been even better heated as a soup.

Garden Greens – cucumber, mint, peas, curly kale, avocado, honey, and lime. This one had a smoother texture than carrot zing, and is surprisingly nice cold. I enjoyed this flavour more than I thought I would.

Sweet Beets – red pepper, beetroot, root ginger, avocado, honey, cucumber, and lime. This one had a very smooth consistency, and was lovely to drink cold. I’d say it was my favourite flavour out of the five!

Asian Sling – yellow peppers, carrot, spinach, lemongrass, and coriander. This one was similar in consistency to Garden Greens, and another one I found to be surprisingly nice cold. However, I could imagine it would be delish hot as a soup!

Green Warrior – courgette, spinach, cucumber, lime juice, avocado, coconut milk, honey, and a pinch of parsley and chives. This one was very liquidy, the smoothest consistency of them all. Great for those who don’t enjoy the bits. It had a really cool flavour, probably thanks to the cucumber in the recipe. Great for a summer’s day!


You can purchase these yummy blends nationwide from for £2.95 per bottle. You can also follow their social media to see what yummy recipes people are creating with them – TwitterInstagramFacebook. Overall I loved the blends, and they made a fab, healthy addition to my day!