Enjoy A Healthier, Safer Music Festival This Summer!

Summer festivals and ‘health’ are two terms that are never seen in the same sentence together and with good reason. It’s hardly anyone’s idea of fun to attend the festival they’ve been dreaming about all summer and have paid good money to be part of to act sensibly. It’s likely that during this period of summer celebration, sensible is a word that you are actively trying to avoid.

However, there needn’t be a conflict here. There’s no reason why having fun should be impeded by being sensible. Being sensible means acting rationally and safely in the environment that warrants it. If the environment that warrants it is a place of celebration, you shouldn’t feel that you need to forgo your enjoyment in order to be safe. That almost defeats the point. However, subtle and healthier choices during your festival period can help you have an even more fun time, during which you will feel better in yourself and be happy with your choices.



Cut The Cigarettes

At your music festival attendance, when you’re having a fun time in the sun and are putting away the beers like you haven’t done all year, it’s tempting to smoke even if you don’t usually during your day to day life. There’s something about the ubiquitous joy found in festivals that make people want to let go, and that usually includes fitting in with those around them. There’s no doubt that you’re likely to accept a cigarette when you’re drunk. Do so if you want! This is a free time for you to have fun and explore.

However, if you do smoke regularly, why not try healthier alternatives? Heading to a vape shop and loading up on recommended vaping equipment can give you healthier options that won’t fill your lungs with nicotine and tar. You’ll smell better around those who don’t smoke, and you won’t have reason to cough or wake up with a dry mouth after the festival evening is over.

Stay Away From Drugs

Drugs are to be found at most festivals, and pretending that they aren’t only doing you a disservice. You can’t afford to be naive. You also can’t afford to be pressured into doing them. If your friends or acquaintances insist upon doing them, be sure you’re not pressured into it. Friends that pressure you into using these substances aren’t your friends at all. That might be easy to understand reading this article and harder to think of when you’re in that situation, but you should err on the side of caution always.

Stick With Friends

Sticking with friends at these hugely populated events is your foremost priority. It’s likely that your cell phone will quickly run out of juice, and camping in a field is notorious for possessing a lack of mains electricity that you can easily recharge from. Stick with your friends, because it will be hard to find them if you lose them. Allocate landmarks that everyone in your group can find if you do lose one another.

Look After Personal Belongings In Safe Places

Most festivals have premium services that can be used to safeguard your belongings or even provide you with insurance to cover the property you bring to a festival and leave in a secure place. Enquire about these services when you book your tickets. It’s likely that the festival has a website page or contact number where you can find more information.

It’s 2017. Being healthy is trendy now. Don’t be afraid to suggest these tips to your friends. You might just have a better festival because of it.

I Wanna Quit The Gym!

Those immortal words were spoken by Chandler Bing in the Friends episode ‘The One With The Ballroom Dancing’, and have been echoed by millions of people ever since it aired in the 90s. In the show, the characters found it difficult to enjoy their gym subscription, and even more difficult to swallow the cost of it. These are just two of the problems many of us have with belonging to a gym or fitness centre. What we’re after is results and what we don’t want is the pain that often goes with it!



Of course, gyms can be stuffy (stinky), noisy (why is that spin class music so loud?), and lacking somewhat in hygiene. They’re usually big, modern buildings that lack personality, and are the hangouts for girls (and guys) with figures that just don’t seem real. There’s a sense of pressure to perform, and that creepy, uncomfortable feeling that someone in there is lurking and watching you.

Don’t fret if gyms aren’t for you. There are many other ways to get into shape, stay in shape, and enjoy the process of doing it. In fact, you can do it all from home if you really wanted to. This can be particularly handy if you’re a work-from-home copywriter who needs those ten minutes of screen-break to come up with the next engaging paragraph!

Don’t be afraid to trawl the internet for websites like http://topworkoutprograms.com/ that give you a wide range of ideas and suggestions. Pick and choose the bits you like to do. Just be brave enough to try one or two different things a week to keep it all interesting. That might be all you need to get your motivation back into gear and your fitness goals back on track.



Don’t forget, you don’t have to push yourself into reps or exercises you’re not keen on. More and more people are focussing on enjoying an active lifestyle than rigorous boot camp training workouts. If you like cycling, then pick a route and go. If you enjoy a Sunday morning swim, then make that your thing. And if you can walk to work (or leave the house, walk around the block then come back home for work) then that could be as active as you need to be. Every little thing can add up to a great shape and good fitness.

How can you tell if you’re fit anyway? Is it all about the dress size? No. You can be fit and healthy even if you’re bigger in size than you want to be. According to http://myfitnesspal.com/ you need a fair percentage of fat on your body anyway. Being fit is about being able to do what you want when you want to do it. It’s about performing at the level you want to achieve without collapsing in a snotty heap of exhaustion. It’s about being able to have fun with your body!

If you want to quit the gym, then do it. Don’t waste your money. You can workout at home, in the park, or at work during your lunch break. Or you can just have some active fun. Enjoy.