My New Prescription Sunglasses – Review

As somebody who must wear glasses while driving, shopping, at the cinema, and doing things that require me to actually be able to see in general, I’m always looking for flattering, high quality glasses. However, I don’t always want to pay the premium price tag that comes with them!

Enter I’d never considered choosing a pair of glasses online before, but the site makes it super easy to try glasses on and figure out what will suit you. There are a ton of different styles from different designers; styles I haven’t even seen in my local opticians before – Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Polaroid, Marc Jacobs, and so much more. This made it hard to choose the best pair! They have women’s glasses, men’s glasses, and glasses suited to both sexes. Not only that, they often have deals on, including half price codes you can use to get yourself a real bargain on designer glasses. I know glasses are a huge expense for many people.


I ended up selecting these gorgeous Marc Jacobs sunnies seeing as the weather is starting to heat up. I also picked an alternative pair of regular glasses, sending over my prescription in case the pair I chose wasn’t in stock – I didn’t know what I was getting, a bit like a lucky bag. It was exciting. I was over the moon when I realised I had the Marc Jacobs sunnies!

I’m not kidding when I say the moment I put them on, the world seemed like a brighter, more beautiful place. I had to go and compare with cheaper sunglasses because I’m a bit of a geek like that. It actually took me a while to realise that they had sent me prescription sunglasses, and not just regular sunglasses – only when my mum tried them on and couldn’t see anything out of them (she has a different prescription) did I figure it out. That explains why everything looked so much better the second I put them on!


I’m in love with the glasses, the quality is incredible and I’m super impressed with the service. It’s going to be so much better driving in these babies when the sun is out! My prescription hasn’t changed in a while, as I had my last eye test not long ago. However, when/if it does change, I’m 100% going to be purchasing my next pair of specs from Perfect Glasses. Make sure you check them out!

What do you think of my new prescription sunglasses?

*These glasses were gifted to me by – my opinion remains the same and I would never promote anything I didn’t believe in*

Dressing Up: 3 Key Dresses For Spring / Summer

Unless you have a house the size of the Beckham’s and a budget to match then you need to get a little creative with a few basic staples in your wardrobe.  With spring nipping at our toes and summer only a few (ok quite a few) months away, it’s time to think about the dress.

Some girls refuse to wear dresses, and that ok, however with the various styles, shapes and cuts there really is a dress for every woman.  It’s all about how you wear it that makes it look girly cute or bang on fashion siren.  Let’s take a look at three dresses you should have in your wardrobe.

Denim Dresses

One of the best crossover dresses which can be worn throughout the seasons is the Denim Dress.  Whilst denim has been at the heart of fashion since the 1950’s and most of us will have our favourite pair of jeans, fewer will own a dress made from this fantastically versatile fabric.

Best worn with lots of chunky statement accessories, you can mix it up with tribal style or opt for a more Beyonce charm by sticking to large gold pieces.  Depending on what you are dressing for you can go bare legged with a pair of brown wedges, or you could play it down with some leggings thrown under it and a pair of cute ballet pumps.  You can also get really wild by super glamming your makeup and throwing on some thigh high boots.  Don’t shy away from this little super power.  Embrace the attitude of denim!

Skater Dresses

Spring is a great time to bust out your florals and the most flattering of all is the skater back dress. One of my personal favourites!  Shorter at the front with a long, almost fishtail back, the flattering style works really well on it’s own or layered up with jeans and a ¾ length basic tee.  For elegant day wear opt for a mid height heel and your hair in a loose bun.  Then to vamp it up in the evening chuck on a leather jacket, a pair of jeans and ramp up your heel height.  You don’t have to stick to florals, go for a solid black for real effortless chic or get up to date with your colour blocking and choose a neon bright.  



Classic White Shirt Dress

The ultimate spring to summer dress has to be the loose white shirt.  Whilst a little bit of a nightmare to keep clean, white is the perfect shade to mix with other styles.  She looks stunning thrown over a lightly tanned bare leg, with a pair of dark brown biker boots and should be on your summer essentials list. Go bold with your accessories but opt for a chic look with golds and silvers.  Strip your makeup back to minimum and try topping the look off with a fedora or cowboy hat.  

With a variety of jackets from denim, to leather you can shake up or rock down any of the dresses mentioned above.  Each can be re worked to go from morning until night and restyled to give a completely different look so can be worn multiple times.

Get creative and get your legs out! Embrace the seasons!