So, What are Your Options if you Want a Brighter Smile?

My smile is my favourite accessory – after all, it never goes out of fashion to have a grin going from ear to ear, but it’s easy to sometimes forget about our teeth and what they go through. They fight off sugary drinks and alcohol, acidic fruit and the tops of pens. We open packets and bottles with them and grind them in our sleep, so it’s no wonder they see a bit of wear and tear if we don’t give them our full love and attention. I’ve talked before taking care of your teeth, but here are some tips to regaining that sparkling smile you once had if you are no longer happy with your pearly whites.



Get Them Whitened

Whether you want to get your teeth whitened in a dental practice or would prefer to do it yourself, you’ve got loads of options. There are, of course, toothpastes which help the whitening process, but there are other products out there which can help along the way. Charcoal and coconut oil are fashionable tooth whiteners right now, but a cosmetic dentist could give a professional whitening treatment over a series of weeks, which will give you a lasting finish.

Invest In Veneers

Veneers are a layer of material which cover your teeth and improve the aesthetic of your smile and look. If your teeth are really bad, or you would just prefer to invest in something a bit more permanent than whitening, this could be the solution for you. Veneers are, usually, either porcelain or composite, with each having their own benefits. Prices can and will vary depending on your dentist, but a consultation will give you a full brief and breakdown of the costs and procedure.

Straighten Them Out

Most of us were unfortunate enough to braces when we were teenagers – as if acne and awkwardness weren’t bad enough! It also happens that most of us, being teenagers, didn’t stick to the routine of popping the retainer in once the train tracks had come off, and now we have wonky teeth all over again. Going through that pain or walking into meetings with some mouth bling isn’t very appealing, is it? However, if you opt for a treatment like Invisalign, you’ll be able to get a great smile without anybody even noticing!

Get Implants

If you have to have some teeth removed, implants are a great way of getting your smile back to normal quickly. Implants are surgically placed into the jawbone where your original tooth used to be and are made of titanium, meaning they rarely need to be replaced. A crown is fixed to the implant which looks like a natural tooth, and it must be treated and cleaned as you would treat your normal teeth! Patients are required to be healthy for this procedure and meet general medical requirements. Enquire with your dentist and see what your options are!

Of course, brushing regularly, flossing and using mouthwash are all part of keeping your teeth healthy and looking great, but sometimes we can be too busy to book in our annual dental appointment, and things can slide. Remember that your dentist is there to help you, not scare you!

What I Know About Taking Care Of Your Teeth

I take looking after my teeth very seriously. When I was younger, I used to be paranoid. I used to think that they were noticeably discoloured (they weren’t), and because of this I made sure I did whatever I could to keep them white, shiny, and clean. It’s probably because of this that I’ve never had any serious dental work done. In my 25 years I’ve had one tiny filling, and it was so small that I didn’t need to be numbed or anything. Without further adieu, here’s what I know about taking care of your teeth.

You Have To Use An Electric Toothbrush

Using a top electric toothbrush like the Oral B Pro 2000 should be compulsory in my book. It’s totally understandable if you’re going to a festival or whatever, but you have no excuse if not. Electric toothbrushes are affordable, and you can tell the difference with them straight away. Teeth feel smoother and much cleaner. Plus, the electric toothbrush does all of the work for you. There’s no need to be too hard on your teeth.

You Have To Have A Good Routine

Not only do you need to use an electric toothbrush, you also need to have a good routine. This means flossing in between every tooth, and using mouthwash too. Only then can you be sure that your mouth is totally clean and smelling fresh. If you don’t do these things, your teeth are probably still going to have rubbish in between them. This means decaying teeth, bad breath…the list goes on.



You Have To Visit The Dentist At Least Once A Year

Visiting the dentist at least once a year is so important. They can spot problems before they turn into huge, painful, expensive issues. Make sure you make a note of when your appointment should be! Dentists can give you great advice if you need it.

There Are Some Great Products Out There For Whitening

There are so many products out there that are great for whitening. I love using whitening strips, but if you use them too often they can make your teeth feel sensitive. Charcoal and coconut oil are two really popular options these days. If nothing seems to work on your teeth, dental veneers are a great choice and can even make your teeth look straighter.

You Should Never Use Them To Open Bottles

This might seem obvious to some, but when I was younger, I did open a bottle or two with my teeth. This seemed like a really cool, fun party trick at first. However, I didn’t realise the damage that it could have been doing to my teeth. In fact, there probably has been some damage, but I’d rather not know about it. I did it a lot. I stopped after a scare that made me think I’d cracked a tooth, and I couldn’t get to a mirror for a while to check. Luckily I hadn’t, but I haven’t done it since.

So, that’s pretty much what I know about taking care of your teeth. Start now if you haven’t already, or you’ll probably regret it!