Your ultimate summer skincare routine

Summer might be a wonderful time of the year, but if you fail to keep up with your skincare, the hot weather can really start to take its toll. The warmer sunny months can make your skin dry, and as well as sunburn, exposure to harmful UV rays can cause dark spots, wrinkles and even lead to skin cancer.

Here are some of my top tips to keep your skin in the best condition it can be when the temperature gets a little warmer.

Avoid using tanning beds

You might want to top up your tan before you go on holiday, but you should always aim to avoid tanning beds. Research has shown that tanning beds are no safer than the sun meaning that they are also linked to skin cancer. If you feel like you really need a summer glow, try a natural self-tanning lotion instead.  



Don’t forget your SPF protection

Many people tend to underestimate how harmful the sun’s UV rays can really be to their skin. Even on days when it’s overcast, the sun’s rays can still burn, especially if you have fair skin. Look for a sunscreen that has SPF protection of at least 30 and don’t be tempted by products that have a super-high SPF number because their incremental protection tends to diminish after a certain point.

Stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturised

Even on hotter days where your skin is feeling dewy, it’s still important to stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturised. A good moisturiser will promote healthy skin over time, especially when you use it consistently. If you happen to be a victim of sunburn, you should make sure to act quickly so that you can combat any negative effects as much as possible. A moisturiser with natural ingredients such as aloe vera can help to soothe any discomfort.



Exfoliate at least once a week

Dead skin cells will sit on the surface of your skin and over time can cause it to look dull and dry. Exfoliating at least once a week will remove these dead cells and allow cells to regenerate quicker, keeping the signs of ageing at bay. A gentle, natural exfoliator will be much healthier for your skin than something that contains chemicals that can irritate. For those with sensitive skin, natural skincare is always the best option.

Try mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is made from a light powder base meaning that it doesn’t tend to sweat off as easy as your regular foundation. Traditional makeup tends to use a particular set of preservatives including parabens and fragrances that can irritate skin and make problems such as acne, eczema and rosacea worse.  There are plenty of inexpensive brands out there that specialise in mineral makeup, containing only natural ingredients that will only work to benefit your skin.

Remember, your skin needs a different approach depending on the season. Pay attention to changes and choose your products and routine accordingly! 

Amie Scott