My Regular Skincare Routine Explained

I’m not one to brag, but lately I’ve got really good skin. I turned 25 in October, so I decide to really make an effort with it. Not that I hadn’t in the past, but I just wasn’t prioritising it like I used to. The minute I decided to make it a priority again and be more consistent, it improved so much! Nobody believes me when I tell them I’m 25 anyway – some people go as far to think I’m still a teenager. Maybe they’re lying, but I’ll take it anyway. Here’s my skincare routine explained:

Cleanse With Face Wash

I cleanse with face wash first, both in the morning and at night to get rid of any dirt in my skin. I like face wash as I can really feel it working. If I really can’t be bothered for whatever reason, I use micellar water instead. However, I try to use face wash as often as possible. I always use a clean cloth to remove it, but sometimes just water and my hands too, although this can be a little harder.

Exfoliator Pads *Once or Twice A Week

I love exfoliator pads as they’re so easy to use, and can really help to smooth and even out your skin. However, you shouldn’t use these too often as it can be bad for your skin. Depending on your skin type, once or twice a week should be enough.


Face Mask *Once a Week

I usually try to add a face mask in once a week too. If I’m feeling like treating myself, I might book in for an oxygen facial to really brighten up my skin.


Use a toner to balance your PH after the first two steps. Toner should help to remove any remaining dirt too. Sometimes I like to use a spray on toner as they’re refreshing.

Serum – Important Step!

I only started using serum last year, but I have to say, it makes the world of difference to my skincare routine. A serum is designed to sink deeper into the layers of skin to moisturise, even out skin tone, and more. You don’t even need a super expensive one to make a difference. However, if you’re going to splash out on something, make it a serum!

Eye Cream (Something I’ve Recently Introduced)

I noticed some really, really fine lines around my eyes not so long ago. I’d never used eye cream before, but to prevent any deep wrinkles from forming, I thought I’d try. Depending on how thick it is, I either apply it before or after my moisturiser. As a rule, apply the thinnest solution first so that the thickest one can sink in afterwards. If you do it the other way around, your routine may not be as effective.

Moisturise (Day/Night)

I moisturise with a different cream depending on the time of day. It’s worth having a different moisturiser, as one can contain SPF for day and the other can be thicker and help skin to restore itself while you sleep. Occasionally, I’ll dab a few facial oil drops on top too!

Top Tip: Leave Each Product Enough Time To Sink In Before Adding Another

This is layering your skin care, and making sure you give everything a chance to work. Don’t just pile everything on top of one another, or the products won’t work as well!

Amie Scott