How To Get That Dewy Fresh Faced Look!

Something I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, is the dewy fresh faced look. Girls aren’t caking their foundation on anymore, and instead they are opting for a more natural, glowing finish. I think it looks amazing. It makes the wearer look healthier and positively radiant. What more could you want? I’ve been experimenting with it lately, so here are some of my tips. Enjoy!

Use an Illuminating Primer

Using an illuminating primer as your base will keep your foundation on for longer, and give you a subtle sheen. Some people even use primers alone, but those people are usually blessed with gorgeous skin. Simply smooth all over your face and wait a few moments before applying foundation.

Use a Sheer Foundation

You want to use a sheer foundation too, so you’re not completely covering all of your skin. If you need more coverage, you can stipple it on with a brush to make it last. Foundations like Nars Sheer Glow are the best dewy foundations. You can always apply more after, so don’t go in too heavy at first.


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Use a Good Highlighter

Use a good highlighter on your nose and cheekbones to create an even more radiant effect. Just don’t go overboard, as you’ll end up looking like a walking piece of glitter! Liquid highlighter is best for the dewy look, and you can even mix a bit with your foundation if you like.

Spray On a Refresher Spray

When you’ve finished your makeup, spray on a refreshing face spray to keep things fresh. Carry this with you and top up throughout the day!

Use a Cream Blush

Rather than use a powder blush, use a cream blush to help keep that face nice and dewy looking. Not too much though, you only need a small amount of blusher to have a big effect.

Take Care of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin will stop you from having it to cover it up too much, so make sure you are! You should be cleansing, toning, and moisturising twice daily. You can also remove dark circles with natural eye cream. Focus on your individual imperfections and find products to help you. You should also be eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. Always take your makeup off at the end of the day too! Don’t neglect your skin, as it can make a huge difference!

Keep the Rest of Your Look Natural

Keeping the rest of your look natural is a must. Make your eyes stand out with a subtle shadow and something sparkly in the inner corners to open them up. Maybe use a nice gloss rather than a lipstick. I wouldn’t use face powder for this look either, as it’ll take away from the dewiness.

There are so many tutorials you can use on YouTube too – that’s where I go when I need some inspo! The dewy look is perfect for hot summer days, so start practicing now. It isn’t too far away!

Amie Scott