HK (Headkandy) Hair Extensions Review









Due to being so busy these past few weeks, this is my first post in a while. I’ve been desperate to do it, but my pending holiday to Malia has meant that I’ve had no time to do anything at all apart from my work and the gym! Aren’t up-coming holidays supposed to be exciting? Anyway, I fly tomorrow, so I’ve calmed down a bit now and feel a little excited. I should also have lots of lovely outfit posts when I get back in a week (if my besties don’t mind being my photographers), so I look forward to doing those!

Now, moving swiftly on. Today I’m reviewing my HK hair extensions, also known as HeadKandy hair extensions. I much prefer the old name, as there’s a Chinese/Cantonese restaurant in my town called HK Takeaway and it reminds me of that…ha!

Anyway I won’t babble on too much, I’ve never done a review post before so I’ll just say what I think is important and then leave it at that.

These extensions have always been amazing for me. This is my fourth set, and they’ve never changed quality. You might think that they’re expensive when you compare them to extensions you can buy from a market, but you get what you pay for in my opinion! Mine always last for ages too, so the money is well worth it. A piece from my last set is shown in the last picture (I think it was called ‘Hot Toffee’), and I haven’t brushed it or anything there (didn’t have time for that either, lol!).

I’ve been wearing them for a whole year, and even though I’ve had more blonde put in my hair over the year, they still matched perfectly, like you wouldn’t believe! I had my hair way more blonde this time, so I decided to order a new set to match; ‘California Highlighted’.

I’m sorry I didn’t style my hair better or take a better picture for this post, but I’ll be wearing the extensions in Malia so you’ll be able to see them in all of their glory in my future posts. I also have a little bit of brown still underneath my hair as you can see, but I think my new set still match well. I could carry on talking about them forever, but here is what I love about them in a nutshell:

  • They’re gorgeously thick and give my usually flat, fine hair so much volume.
  • There are a huge range of colours to choose from, but you’ll often find that multiple colours would match your hair as they’re so versatile.
  • They last for ages (I didn’t even use heat protection spray on my last set – naughty me!).
  • They come with instructions on how to apply them for extension newbies.
  • It’s really easy to choose your shade; either browse through the shade matcher feature on the Dirty Looks site, or send some pictures of your hair in natural daylight to the ‘Dirty Looks’ Facebook page.
  • They come in a cute little box that you can store them in safely.
  • You don’t have to sew them yourself like the extensions we all bought from the market like when we were 14/15 years old.
  • Everybody always tells me how natural they look (they can’t believe it when I tell them It’s not my real hair!).
  • You can dye them yourself if you need to.
  • They’re human Remy hair which means you can style them just like your own hair.
  • There’s a good range of lengths to choose from. I chose 16-18 inches with my last set just to thicken up my own hair rather than add length, but this time I went for 20-22 inches because I fancied looking like a beautiful blonde mermaid.
  • You can mix wefts of different shades to create a whole new look.
  • Their delivery is super fast!

Things I Don’t Like About These Extensions:

  • They now refer to themselves as HK extensions, which reminds me of my local Cantonese takeaway! That is literally all I can think of,  lol.

I’ve been wearing hair extensions since the age of 14, so now at the age of 22 I’d say I’m a seasoned professional. These are by far the best extensions I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t dream of buying them from anywhere else!

Here are a few random pictures of me wearing HeadKandy hair extensions at different times:











Amie Scott