Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Review – light/medium


I’d wanted to try Bondi Sands self tan for a while after seeing it all over social media. Some of my favourite Instagrammers use this tan, including Kayla Itsines – her tan is gorgeous, so it seemed to me like a worthwhile buy! I didn’t wait long for it to arrive all the way from down under, so I found the speedy delivery impressive for a start.

Here are some of my favourite things about this tan:

  • It has a gorgeous coconut scent; much better than any other false tan I’ve smelled! You wouldn’t even know it was tan.
  • It has a great consistency and blends on the skin really nicely.
  • I found it so easy to apply.
  • It didn’t stick in certain areas to give a patchy look.
  • It gave a gorgeous natural finish.
  • It came off really nicely with no patches at all – I didn’t even notice!
  • It gave me a lovely colour instantly after application.
  • It seemed to dry straight away.
  • I had no colour come off on my clothes or bedsheets.

In the before picture you can see just how in need of colour my legs are. After just one coat, they looked radiant! I used to be a big fan of dark tans, but I thought I’d go more natural for the winter season with the light/medium. However, they recommend applying the light/medium tan twice if you’d like a deeper colour, so that’s always an option if I change my mind!

This is now one of my favourite false tans, and I’ll definitely be purchasing again!



What do you think of the result?

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Amie Scott