7 Luxury Hair Items to Give Your Hair a Treat

So, you want to give your hair a boost to bring back some life, shine, and the luxurious look it once had? No problem! You might need to spend some money to breathe some new life into your locks, but these luxury hair products and tools will give your hair just what it needs – no salon required!

Overnight Hair Masks

Want to treat your hair while you get your beauty sleep? An overnight hair mask may do the trick, especially if you have damaged or dull locks that need some extra love.

Hair masks can repair hair that’s been damaged from heat, over-styling, coloring, and more. Your hair might even find relief if it’s dry or frizzy.

The great thing about overnight hair masks is that nothing gets in their way as they work. You can spread the mask throughout your hair before bed, comb it through, and then put on a shower cap. The mask will stay in place and work its magic as you sleep without wind, sun, rain, or any other weather element interfering with the process.



Scalp Serums

Most of the time, the key to treating hair is by treating your scalp. Many hair problems start at an unhealthy scalp, which can be caused by anything from medications to eating an unhealthy diet. Fortunately, you can usually regain control over your scalp to bring it back to good health.

If you suffer from dry scalp, illness that’s affecting your hair, or even some hair loss, a scalp serum treatment might help. Scalp serums can nourish the scalp and hair follicles to heal your scalp, encourage hair to keep growing, and repair what’s already there.

Stick to a serum with natural ingredients. The last thing you want is to do further damage to your scalp by introducing it to harmful chemicals.

Hair Extensions

Natural-looking hair extensions can be a fun way to play up your hair without doing something drastic. They can be as temporary as you want to be, so you can experiment with all kinds of different looks without damaging your locks. Stick to natural colors or have some fun with some funky pinks, purples, or blues!

If you opt for quality hair extensions, they’ll cost a little more money, but they’ll also look more natural. High-quality hair extensions will leave your hair looking fuller and bouncier, and they’ll usually be even easier to put in place and remove than cheaper extensions.



Professional-Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’re going to splurge a little on your hair, then a good chunk of your hair budget should absolutely go toward a professional-qualify shampoo and conditioner. The cheaper brands may save you money, but they can damage your locks over time, stripping them of natural oils and shine.

You’ll want to opt for the kinds you see in your favorite salon that have formulas tweaked for specific types of hair. Shampoo and conditioner shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution for every hair type. Instead, use a set that targets fine hair, dry hair, color-treated hair, etc. to fit your hair situation.

Clipless Curling Iron

When you want the perfect style that doesn’t take hours to create, then you should treat your hair with Brilliance New York clipless curling irons. These curling irons don’t clip your hair in place as you curl your hair around the barrel, so you won’t have to worry about unsightly crimps that can ruin the whole look.

Plus, they’re super easy and quick to use and can create dozens of looks! If you can only afford one styling tool, a clipless curling iron is it. They come in different sizes so that you can create anything from tight curls to flowy, beachy waves. A professional look can be yours in about 15 minutes before you head to work.

Heat-Protectant Spray

Do you use a blow dryer to create your daily ‘do? If so, then it might be wise for you to spend some money on a good heat-protectant spray for your hair. The good news is that even quality sprays won’t cost you much more than $20, so this is one of the budget-friendliest hair products you can buy.

Heat-protectant sprays can not only prevent your hair from getting damaged from your blow dryer and other heated styling tools, but they can even bring your natural shine back to your hair. Use a spray on wet hair before you blow dry, dry hair before you style, or even before you head out for a day in the sun.



Curl-Enhancing Cream

Girls with curls: you know your curls can be difficult to tame. Why fight with them? Spend a few extra dollars every month on a curl-enhancing cream that can help define your curls and fight frizz, creating the curls you’ve always dreamed of.

Most curl-enhancing creams – even the best ones – are under $20 and work best on thick hair and dense curls that need a little love. You’ll find that your curls have more volume, look more defined, and go back to their glorious natural glow.

Protecting your hair is important. Stick to these tips when it comes to styling your hair. You don’t want to waste years trying to repair your damaged hair – when it doesn’t have to be that way in the first place!

Amie Scott