4 Common Beauty Hang Ups and How to Fix Them

All women have things about themselves they don’t like. Even the hottest celebrities in the world have their own beauty hang ups. It could be that you don’t like your skin, you feel like you’re overweight, or something else entirely. You’re not the only one to feel this way though, so try not to worry. In fact, a lot of us girls have exactly the same worries about our looks. If you want to be a more confident version of yourself then here are some of the most common beauty hang ups, and how to fix them.



1. Weight Hang Ups

This is easily the most common worry in the world. Some women think they’re too skinny, others think they’re too fat. The truth is, all of our bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Unless your weight is impacting your health, then this isn’t something you should be too worried about. Feeling comfortable in your own body is a difficult trick to learn, but an important one. If you’re concerned that you weigh too much (or too little) then consider visiting a nutritionist. Don’t invest in fad diets, they will only make things worse.

  1. Skin Hang Ups

Oily skin, spotty skin, dry skin. Just like with body shapes, we all have different skin types. It can be offputting to see pictures of seemingly flawless celebrities, too. Your best bet would be to find out exactly what type of skin you have. This can be done at one of your local department stores or by visiting a dermatologist. You’ll then be able to invest in products that are specifically for your skin type. These products can help clear up skin problems and make you feel more confident. Good skincare is the key to better skin!

  1. Teeth Hang Ups

Find yourself always smiling with your mouth closed? You’re not the only one. If you have yellowing teeth then it could be worth visiting your dentist. They may be able to suggest a treatment that can help combat this. There are also teeth whitening treatments available in cosmetics stores. If it’s wonky teeth you’re worried about then there are solutions for that too. Have a look into the different teeth straightening options that are available, to see what will work for you.

  1.  Hair Hang Ups

It’s common to not like your hair, some of the time! Women with naturally straight hair want curly hair. Women with naturally curly hair want straight hair. Everyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side, when it comes to hair. However, by becoming best buddies with your hair stylist you won’t have to face this beauty hang up anymore. They will be able to suggest the colours and styles that suit you best.

The key is to accept you for you. You can try lots of different things to change how you look, but you’ll never be truly happy until you feel confident the way you are. Accept your ‘flaws’, embrace them. They’re what make you unique as a person. Nobody is perfect, not even celebrities, so go out there and show the world you’re free from beauty hang ups!

Amie Scott