My name’s Amie, I’m 22, and as you can tell from my bio, I watch too much television. This is the real ‘about me’ bit, so if you’re easily disappointed I suggest you stop reading now.

I started this blog as a way to give my opinion where it’s probably not wanted nor needed. I have an opinion on most things, and I enjoy giving it to anybody who will listen. I also like to experiment when it comes to fashion and beauty, so there’ll be a nice dash of that in here too. I’m basically going to talk about anything that happens to pop into my head at the time (this could get messy).

Let’s get to know each other! Here are some crazy (and not so crazy) facts about me that you don’t know:

I work as a freelance copywriter for a content marketing company.

I’m also a fully qualified beauty therapist.

I’m left handed.

I enjoy reading fantasy novels by authors like Neil Gaiman, Stephenie Meyer, and Lemony Snickett (although I’m very open minded), watching children’s films (‘Up’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ are my faves) , and listening to a wide selection of music ranging from Eminem to Oasis.

I came up with the name ‘Dimplebug’ by brainstorming a list of words I liked the sound of, and then proceeded to mush them together. My boyfriend described it as ‘creepy cute’, so of course I fell in love instantly.

If you enjoyed reading that, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that I like you.


I hope we can be friends!

Hit me up @ Amielizz91@gmail.com