The Road To Recovery: Tips And Tricks

Recovery is a big word, and for a lot of people it holds some scary meaning due to the connotations of it: putting in effort they don’t feel, using drugs, diets, and therapies they wouldn’t ever consider, and having a time in their life where facing up to a problem was a main priority. We all have these fears however, so they’re not something to be embarrassed about. They just need to be made easier to complete, and that’s where some little hacks can come in.

Everyone goes through some kind of recovery at some point in their life, so you’re not alone in this kind of struggle. Look to your friends and family, and let yourself have bad days when they come, as trying to ignore these is only going to make a problem worse. However, if you’re looking for a little bit of advice on helping you to get back on your feet after an accident, long term illness, or mental health issue, here’s a few for your consideration.

Let Yourself Talk Loud and Long with People

Communication is always the number one priority in these cases, and usually it’s the first step to making sure you’re on the right road. If you can’t talk to someone about something, there’s going to be a bit of a deficit there in terms of support and encouragement, especially if it’s someone you hold close to you.

Learn how to be assertive without being aggressive, and use your words properly. It’s knowing how to communicate that often lets us down, as a lot of the time we just want to scream something at someone that we’ve held inside for a long time to try and get them to understand what we’re feeling, both mentally and physically.

Tell people what you’re feeling calmly, and then follow that up with the fact that you don’t need anything from them. This way there’s no room left to argue, or ask why, and you can feel better about having shared your problem with someone, as it’s the reaction of someone else that most often keeps us from sharing.

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Consider Your Lifestyle

Changing habits is something we often have to do to make a recovery smoother, whether that be not talking to a certain person, sleeping in for a bit longer, or changing our eating habits. These are all to keep us healthier and happier, but that doesn’t mean they’re not hard to do.

It can be a real struggle to try and change something when you’re on the back foot, and that’s what makes this step one of the most challenging to complete. Although, some changes can be quite fun to make, such as putting a little more creativity into your evening meals or getting into a fitness routine that involves some good music, good swimming time, or a laugh with friends.

Most importantly, if you’re a person on the outside looking in on someone who is going through a recovery, especially if it’s an injury that keeps them from getting up to what they usually do, don’t try and rush them. Always ask if they feel good enough to go out with you, and be sure to lend a helping hand whenever you can. Of course, they’re often going to turn this down, after all they’re adapting around a drawback and trying to learn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be there for them in case they take you up on it.

Let Objects Remember for You

If you were a workman in the construction business, you wouldn’t even attempt to start any jobs without the necessary tools. Well the same principle can be applied to our mental and physical health. That means we need to make use of any tools available on the market that can put us in better frames of mind, and make the road to recovery a little easier on us. 

For example, using a calendar placed in a prominent place you’re sure to look at means you’re less likely to forget about a class or appointment or important date, even after putting it in your phone. When we use a digital calendar there’s usually some steps to go through to open it up, and that can put the process completely out of your mind. Either that, or post it notes with some details on front of the fridge when you want a snack. When you see this reminder, be sure to do what it tells you straight away so you don’t forget in the interim.

Be sure to have some physical reminders as well. If you have trouble remembering to take any pills you absolutely need to, don’t put all the responsibility on yourself. After all, blister packs are a useful tool to remember to take your medication, and they’re cheap to buy and easy to find in stores.

Focus on You

Our family often comes first, but it’s this mentality that can hinder a process of healing, despite how good it feels to still be able to be there for everyone you care about. Of course you don’t have to stop talking to people, or actively avoid taking part in family time, but these need to be little luxuries and enjoyable moments at this point, rather than the default.

Let yourself love and be loved in return, but remember that you are number one. No one can completely remove themselves from their loved ones in hard times, so there’s no reason to cut yourself off from them, so make sure people know what’s going on and do your best to explain your boundaries to them.

Lots of this can seem like common sense, but limitations can range. There’s so many steps involved in getting over a problem, and everyone’s journey is going to be different, but these tips can work well in all kinds of situations. Do what feels right for you and no one else, and use doctor’s advice and anything that might make something easier on you.

Fitness Haters Back Off! (Even You Can’t Deny These Are Fun!)

If you have trouble dragging your carcass out of bed in the morning let alone doing any exercise at that time, you may think of yourself as a fitness hater. However, I think the issue is you just haven’t found an activity that is fun enough to get you motivated yet, and when you do all this will change. I’ve even including some suggestions for activities that no one can deny are fun below to get you started! You’re welcome!

Wii Fit

OK, so it may be thought of as a little retro now, but Nintendo’s fitness interactive computer game is still worth a look if you are searching for something convenient and fun.

You will need the console as well as the game and balance board, although these are all way cheaper now than when they first came out. Something that means you can get the whole lot for £100 and have change to spare!

The best thing about the Wii system is that you can do it in your own living room, perfect if you aren’t quite confident to exercise in front of other people yet! It also makes moving super fun, challenging you to complete games and beat your own records. So much so that you hardly notice you are exercising at all.



Zombie Run Apps

Watch out for zombie biohazard when running. 

There are various zombie run apps on the market that you can download to your smartphone, and if you have ever tried running but lacked the motivation, they can really help you out in a fun way. After all, what’s more fun for us nerds than having to outrun a herd of ravenous zombies and get a nice workout into the bargain?

The one thing I like most about these is that they contain a story that is unlocked as you complete different runs.  Something that is super motivating for anyone interested in the genre of sci-fi and fantasy like moi.  


Ever been to a club and danced the night away surrounded by folks in bright clothes? Then Zumba is something you will probably enjoy very much. In fact, whether you pick a Zumba workout class in the gym, or following along with a DVD at home you will really feel that dance party atmosphere that is so much fun.

You can even get the outfits and shoes to match if you get seriously into it. I like it because even if you get lost and can’t follow all the moves, as long as your body is in motion, you are burning calories and enjoying yourself. Something that makes it the perfect activity even for the most hardened of fitness haters.




Get fit while searching for modern day treasure with geocaching

Last of all, getting fit isn’t all about squeezing yourself into Lycra and strapping on ankle weights. In fact, just a brisk walk in the countryside can do wonders for your fitness levels, opening up your lungs as well as burning calories.

Of course, there are some that say country walks are boring, but they have probably never heard about the new, fun sport of Geocaching. Something that is akin to treasure hunting in the modern day. Now, even the hardiest of fitness haters would have trouble suggesting that isn’t enjoyable!