How To Make Friends Abroad As A Solo Traveller

The idea of travelling alone scares a lot of people. Nobody likes to feel lonely, especially in a foreign environment. However, just because none of your friends want to travel with you doesn’t mean that you should give up your travelling dreams.

Lots of people travel solo each year. How do they cope? By meeting people on their journeys. Whilst this does require stepping out your comfort zone, you don’t have to be the most sociable person on the planet to get by. You’ll be surprised by the friendliness of strangers, whether they’re locals or fellow travellers.

Book Holidays Aimed At Solo Travellers

There are some holiday companies such as Just You that are specially aimed at solo travellers. These types of holidays may be great opportunities to meet lots of other travellers in the same boat. It could also help you to avoid family, couple and group oriented holiday destinations.



Share Accommodation

Youth hostels and shared villas are great places to meet new people because they force you to live alongside others. In many hostels, you may share a room with other travellers, whilst shared villas may allow you to share living quarters and a kitchen whilst still having your own bedroom to retreat to. It’s in these types of accommodation that you’ll most likely find other solo travellers. Many hotels may be less suited.

Stay With A Family Abroad

You could stay with a local family abroad. Many families use sites like Homestay to rent out a room to travellers. They may be able to provide free meals and offer local knowledge. You’ll get to experience the true culture whilst also making friends with locals who want to accommodate you.

Do Volunteer Work

Working in another country forces you to interact with others. Many volunteer schemes such as teaching children English, working with animals and helping on a farm require no qualifications. You’ll be working amongst other travellers and will also get to interact with the locals. Free meals and free excursions may be provided. Sites like Project Abroad have a great range of these volunteer schemes to choose from.



Hit The Bars

After a few drinks, everyone becomes more sociable. If you’re travelling solo, these can be great places to make new friends. There are bars all around the world specifically aimed at backpackers and travellers. Not only are these great opportunities for meeting people, the drinks in these bars are usually cheaper – useful if you’re on a budget.

Know Who To Trust

Whilst most people are friendly and hospitable, there are people out there who will take advantage of solo travellers. Have your wits about you at all times and be careful of people who seem too keen to get to know you. Find other travellers who you trust and tag along with them, especially when taking public transport or visiting non-touristy areas. It’s worth doing your research into local tourist scams and popular criminal activity aimed at tourist – it may help you to avoid falling victim to these crooks.   

Don’t put off traveling solo because you think you’ll be lonely – use these tips to start making friends!

10 Benefits Of Exercise That Will Surprise You

Are you having difficulty sleeping? If yes, you might want to start exercising now and your sleep will improve over time. Exercise helps people sleep better at night.According to studies, you just need at least 4 months of regular exercise and you will start seeing the results.

Instead of taking sleeping pills, exercising is the natural and safe alternative that you should try. It helps improve your sleeping pattern up until you no longer have a hard time falling asleep at night. If improving your sleep is not enough of a reason to convince you, exercise also helps boost your energy. This might seem ironic because exercising makes you feel tired and exhausted. After a long day at work, you just want to rest and not do any strenuous physical activity.

However, exercising, in fact, provides the opposite result. Instead of making you feel tired, it restores your lost energy. When you do low-intensity exercises on a rowing machine, it is like having a leisurely walk. Your exhaustion level will eventually decrease and your energy increases by up to 20%. As a result, if you have heart problems or your family has a history of heart problems, the risk is reduced.

Cardio exercises are meant for the heart. Your heart needs exercise the most. It’s not just about losing weight or having ripped abs. It’s about having a healthier heart and body in general.

Most of all, you will feel more accomplished when you exercise. Nobody ever regretted a workout! This motivates you to do even better or to strive harder in life. It is not just in terms of your physical attributes but in other aspects too.

You will find out more about the benefits of exercising if you view the infographic below. It is never too late to start.

10 Benefits of Exercise That Will Surprise You