PureChimp Matcha Green Tea Review

PureChimp kindly sent me a packet of their SuperTea Matcha Green tea to review. I love green tea and the benefits it offers, so let’s jump right in!


Matcha green tea has been used for thousands of years, starting out as something that monks drank to give them more energy and clarity. The great thing about Matcha is that you don’t get the same ‘jitteryness’ you can get with coffee. Too much coffee, and my heart’s pounding all over the place. I get irritable…it isn’t pretty. But this ‘Super Tea’ from PureChimp is amazing. I’m still having one or two cups of coffee in the morning, but then I switch to Matcha. Usually having about 2 cups a day, just so the packet lasts me a little longer. To mix it nicely, I put half a spoon in my cup as suggested and then pour a tiny amount of hot water in. I mix it up to get rid of lumps and make it smooth, then add the rest of the hot water while stirring. It’s bright green, and green is my favourite colour, so I quite like that. I can’t deny that I also feel like a bit of a health guru while I’m supping on it. It definitely gives me more energy without the downsides to coffee, so I love it! They say it’s equivalent to drinking 10 cups of green tea in one serving, so it gives your metabolism a boost too. Awesome! There’s a load of helpful info on their site if you want to know more. I’ve looked at Matcha from other brands in the past, and it’s much more expensive than PureChimp. I’ve paid around £15 for a sachet the same size as this before, and on their site it’s listed as £4.99. I know it lasts ages too. Although it’s cheaper, the taste and the quality seem the same to me. They say you can get low quality Matcha tea (I think it turns out a darker colour or something) but this doesn’t seem that way at all. I can assure you I’m not just saying this because they sent it me either – I really am a fan!

Overall I’m really impressed and I’d definitely buy it in the future. I’ve noticed on the website that they do different products, like natural skincare, so maybe I’ll try something else too.  When I buy the Matcha again I’m gonna buy it in the glass jar. You get loads and it’s a brill price!

Broke Before The Holiday: How To Save Money At The Airport

Want to travel? Then it’s no surprise that you’re probably going to have to fly. Even people with a fear of airplanes tend to, normally, fly between countries simply because it is so efficient. A journey that would take you days by car or by ship can be completed in a matter of hours if you fly there instead. It is for this reason that approximately 100,000 flights are scheduled across the world every day. But just because flying is the most popular type of international travel, doesn’t mean that it comes cheap. The flight itself can often be expensive, as can services and amenities in an airport. Take a look at these tips on how you can maximize your travel experiences whilst still keeping costs on the low.

Travel at the right times

Obviously, flights on a weekend are going to be much more expensive than those scheduled during the week. The time of day can also affect how much your flight will cost you, much how rush hour operates in our public transport system. Using a flight comparison website can help you decide on when to travel with your budget in mind. Generally speaking, though, the cheapest times to travel are said to be Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. You can find more travel tips on how to travel on a budget all over the internet, or by asking people who are known to commute regularly.

Pre-book your airport parking

We’re all used to dropping off our car at the airport right before we go away. But this could actually be costing you a lot more than you need to be paying. You can save money by pre-booking your airport parking, and it’s also worth signing up to various airport’s mailing lists. The email spam can be annoying, but you will open yourself up to various offers on airport parking that could save you money in the long run.



Get luggage-savvy 

One of the biggest airport costs is having baggage that weighs too much. If your baggage is oversized or lies over the weight threshold, you will be required to pay a fee. There are a few ways to try to avoid this happening to you. For example, can you split the items in your luggage between your traveling partner’s case too? Just because your traveling partner isn’t going to use all your fancy shampoos, doesn’t mean he or she can’t carry them in their bag instead. Also consider carrying as much as you can on your person as hand luggage – many airlines have now relaxed their hand baggage rules, so you can bring a lot more on board than you used to be able to.

Bring on your own food

Unless you are traveling in first class, you’ll know that airplane food is one of two things: over-priced and pretty gross! It’s always advisable to shun the sky-high prices by simply buying food in the airport once you’re through customs, and bringing that on board instead. Of course, it’s still likely to be expensive – airport food always is. But, you’ll still save more money than if you were to wait until you were in the air to order food.

I know airports can be extortionate, but these tips should help you next time you travel!