Why You Can’t Seem To Stick To Your Fitness Routine And What To Do About It

I know I talk a lot about fitness, how to achieve your dream body, how to eat…blah blah blah. But I know that no matter how much some people read or learn, they just can’t seem to stick to any kind of health/fitness routine. There are reasons for this. It’s not because you’re not supposed to reach your goals! They go much deeper than that, and it’s not always your fault. Here’s why you can’t seem to stick to your fitness routine, and what you can do:

Your Limiting Beliefs

We all carry limiting beliefs with us. These beliefs are exactly what they sound like: things that limit our potential. We can pick them up when we are children, from our parents, from our experiences, and so on. A lot of the time, we don’t even know we are carrying them either. If you really struggle to stick to a routine and you’re not sure why, this could be the reason. Maybe you often sabotage yourself when you’ve been doing well. There are ways around this, but you need to be prepared to make a change!

What To Do

So, how do you get rid of these limiting beliefs? You can start by trying to pinpoint what they are. Think back to when you first had a problem with your weight/fitness. What do you remember? How do you remember feeling? I remember feeling like all of my friends were slimmer than me all the way back in year 5. I remember always coming near last in sports day. I remember getting into the habit of eating junk every day to make me feel better. All of these habits (and they are just off the top of my head), caused me to have problems with sticking to a routine and getting fit for years. These things made me think that I was destined to be bigger than everybody else. That I just wasn’t a sporty person. That I needed junk to feel good. These were all limiting me for a very long time! Once you’ve identified your limiting beliefs, there are multiple things you can do. You can notice when these thoughts come up, and try to word them more positively. You can try techniques such as EFT tapping, which focus on reprogramming your subconscious and replacing your beliefs with good ones. You can also try mirror work and affirmations. They really work, but you need to stick to a routine to change the way your brain is wired!



You Won’t Make Time

It isn’t that you don’t have time. It’s that you won’t make it. Everybody who truly wants to be fit, gets up early to do so. If you say you don’t have time, what you’re really saying is it isn’t a priority. You probably have time for many other things in your life that aren’t serving you as well as a fitness routine would!

What To Do

Start getting up earlier and making time for just 20 minutes of intense exercise. Start off small and get into good habits. Find ways to get more active in your everyday activities! Make your health and fitness a priority. Once you’ve done that, it won’t be long until you feel confident in things like luxury swimwear from Knicker Locker. There isn’t a much better feeling than confidence in swimwear!

You Get Way Too Extreme

I used to be either all out or all in when it came to fitness. I know what it’s like to get your head in the game and think you have to work out 6 times a week on a calorie deficit to get the body of your dreams. Ultimately, this doesn’t work as it isn’t sustainable.

What To Do

Take it easy! This is a lifelong journey, not a quick fix. Workout 3 or 4 times a week. Monitor what you eat but allow treats in moderation. You don’t have to kill yourself to get to where you want to be!

Have fun with it! 

6 Of My Favourite Tips For Improving The Look Of Your Teeth

When I was younger I used to be really paranoid about my teeth. There was nothing really wrong with them – I just didn’t think they were white enough. I’d avoid smiling with my teeth and everything! Since then, I’ve put a few tips into practice that have helped me to improve the look of my teeth. I even get compliments on them sometimes! Here are 6 of my fave tips:

Get An Electric Toothbrush

I’m still astounded to learn that some people don’t own electric toothbrushes in this day and age. An electric toothbrush really does make all the difference to your teeth. If you keep it charged and change the head when it needs to be changed, you’ll keep stains off your teeth and make them look clean and shiny. You can instantly tell the difference. Make sure you follow the instructions for the toothbrush you buy and see your dentist if you bleed for longer than a few days.

Buy Quality Products

Quality products are products that suit your teeth. This includes toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss. I love using whitening products and strong rinses that really make my mouth feel fresh. You can read reviews and articles online to find the best options for you. Here’s a fantastic read to give you some more insight.



Get Into A Really Good Routine

You want to get into a really good routine with your teeth. This means no skipping any steps when you brush them! You need to brush, floss, and use mouthwash twice a day for the best results. Always make sure that brushing is the first thing you do in the morning. Eating can soften your tooth enamel, so if you eat and then brush you could be damaging your teeth.

Use Whitening Products

I love whitening products, and not just pastes and rinses either. I regularly buy whitening strips and apply them when I want my teeth to look extra sparkly for a night out or special occasion. They are so much cheaper than professional whitening, and totally safe as long as you do your research first.

Drink Through A Straw

Drink any drinks that could potentially stain your teeth through a straw. I even drink my coffee through a straw! It really does make a difference to the colour of your teeth and will preserve the whiteness so much longer. When it comes to foods, you should limit the foods that stain. As a rule, if something stains your top, it can stain your teeth.

Wear Lipstick To Make Teeth Look Whiter

You can find lipstick colours that make your teeth look whiter. Some can also make them look discoloured, so be careful. One of my favourite lipsticks ever is MAC – Ruby Woo. It’s such a nice shade of red with blue undertones, suits anybody and makes teeth look gorgeous. I also have a lipstick called So Chaud by MAC, which has a warmer undertone. While I love the shade, sometimes I feel like it makes my teeth look yellow when I wear it.

Any tips you’d like to share? Leave them below!