How Busy People Can Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is important for everybody. Everybody needs to pay more attention to their health, so they can live a higher quality of life now and in the future. However, people who tend to be busy with work and other commitments usually claim they have no time to stay healthy. They grab unhealthy meals on the go, sometimes failing to eat at all. They usually also say they are far too busy and worn out for exercise. It is possible for busy people to stay healthy, but you need to make it a priority. When it’s a priority, you’ll always find time for it. Here are some tips for busy people to stay healthy:

Cook Meals In Advance

You must have some time, either on weekends or in the evenings when you’re watching TV that you can take to make meals in advance. This is called meal prep and is so important if you want to avoid grabbing sandwiches and ready meals that are full of crap. You can then take your meals with you wherever you go and eat them cold or heat them up. You can even freeze some for a later date, making lots of different meals at the same time. This will really help you in the long run and you’ll have far more control over what you’re eating. If you genuinely don’t have time, there are companies who can meal prep for you depending on your goals.

Go For Quick Bursts Of Exercise

You might think you have no time for exercise because it takes too long. However, science has shown that short bursts of exercise can actually be more effective than long sessions. Go for a quick HIIT session in the morning to wake you up. You can even just incorporate more exercise into your daily life if you need to, such as taking the stairs rather than the lift. 



Download Apps

There are so many apps you can use to help you stay healthy, from meditation apps to online doctor apps. They give you more confidence in your health and taking it into your own hands.

Take Plenty Of Time To Rest And De-stress

When you’re busy, it’s easy to let work and life stress you out. Don’t let this happen. Instead, consider setting times of day that you are allowed to focus on and worry about work. For example, if you finish work at 5, let yourself worry about stuff only until 6. After then, try to make your brain a work free zone. Take a hot bath, meditate, or do something you enjoy. Worrying about work and other stressful things all day long is no good for you and won’t help in the long run. You really need to put yourself first and realise how important it is you do this for yourself. If you don’t, you could end up needing time off work – stress can be that serious!

See? You can stay healthy, no matter how busy you are. Start now!

Why I Can’t Live Without Coffee

I am dedicating this post to one of the biggest loves of my life. A love that turned my life upside down as soon as I discovered it. Coffee. Let me tell you something shocking: I never used to like coffee. I didn’t like the smell, and I was a big fan of tea. Give me a nice cup of strong builder’s tea any day over that horrid beverage – is what the old me would have said to you if you’d offered her a coffee. These days, I can’t imagine life without the stuff.

Don’t get me wrong: I know that too much coffee can be bad for you. If you’re not careful, all of the caffeine can raise the cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, make you jittery, hold onto body fat, and more. Not to mention too much of it can stain your teeth and give you smelly breath. But I know that when you find that sweet spot with coffee, your ideal number of cups, you can conquer the world like Superman on stimulants. I’d say my ideal number of cups is 2-3. One cup and I’m perky enough to start my day. Two cups and I can start flying through my tasks for the day with vigour and enthusiasm. 3 cups and I’m laughing manically to myself while the world around me bends to my every whim as if I’m Neo in the Matrix. 4 cups – well I’ll stop there because things tend to go a little downhill. I don’t want to run solely on caffeine, and I definitely don’t want caffeine to be responsible for all of the good things I ever do in life.



Here are just a few reasons I couldn’t live without coffee:

It’s Warm And Comforting

Coffee is warm and comforting – just what you need in the morning when you really don’t want to drag yourself out of bed. Gently caressing a hot cup of coffee as I mull over the day ahead makes me feel better about life. Like a warm hug in a mug.

It Tastes Pretty Good

I never used to like the taste of coffee. But my tastebuds seem to have changed. I started off drinking milky, sugary coffees, and I slowly phased those things out until I enjoyed a plain black brew. Coffee tastes different all over the world, but that’s one of the things I love about it. Whether it’s made with coffee grinders or it’s been spooned out of jar is irrelevant to me. I love it just the same.

It Wakes Me Up

I am not a morning person. It takes a good 15 minutes for my eyes to open properly even after I’ve rolled out of bed. Coffee wakes me up and gets me set up for the day ahead – it lovingly reassures me that we can conquer the day together.

It Puts Me In A Better Mood

Not only does coffee wake me up, it puts me in a better mood. I’m automatically happier when I have a nice hot coffee in my hand.

Together, I know that coffee and I can take over the world. A bit like Pinky and The Brain – I’ll let you draw your own conclusions as to which one I am!