My Favourite Night Out Makeup Tricks

I don’t claim to be a makeup expert, but I’d say I’m pretty good at it. I trained in it at college, although they don’t really teach you anything useful. I’ve since watched YouTube videos and they’ve helped me to get a better technique, although I don’t spend nearly as long doing it. They use about 15 different eyeshadows and 12 different brushes to create one look, and I just haven’t got the patience. I do think I’ve got better though, so here are some of my favourite night out makeup tricks:

Use White Liner

I haven’t been using white liner very long, but I’m so glad I discovered it! I use a chunky white Nyx crayon to go over the lid and line my inner water line. Going over the lid will help eyeshadow stay and can help make colours pop. Putting it on the waterline helps to open up the eyes too. I have really small eyes, so this trick is a godsend to me! I can’t believe I used to use dark black liner all on my inner waterline.

Use Shadow Under The Eye

Use shades of brown shadow just under the eye to get a really sultry, smoky look. I like doing this now so much better than using a dark pencil liner like I used to. It looks more natural and less like you’ve caked it on. You don’t want to look harsh, even on a night out.

Do Your Eye Makeup First

Before doing your foundation and things, do your eye makeup. Eye makeup usually takes the longest, and if you do your makeup before your eyes, you run the risk of ruining it if something goes wrong. I’ve poked myself in the eye with my mascara many times and then cried off all of my foundation. By doing eyes first, you can easily clean up and then create a flawless finish on your skin!



Have A Collection Of Brushes And Sponges

Brushes and sponges are a must. Using your fingers might help you to create some OK looks, but using brushes and sponges can help you to create amazing looks! Keeping up with them all can be difficult, so I suggest buying a starter kit if you haven’t got one. Keep it simple until you’re used to using the basics.

Highlight Like A Unicorn

I love highlighter. I’ve completely replace my blusher with it. I just love how it makes your face glow like a real life unicorn. I don’t use it very sparingly, but you don’t have to use loads. I have a cheap but amazing one from Revolution, but I used Mary Lou the other day and it was gorgeous! You can find some fabulous but affordable highlighters at a cosmetic factory.

Exfoliate, Moisturise, And Line Lips

There’s nothing worse than applying lipstick to dry lips! Make sure you exfoliate and moisturise before applying anything. Lining lips will help to define your lipline and make them look plumper!

Hope you like these tips – let me know some of yours!

9 Things I Do To Look My Best

I don’t look amazing every day. I don’t make a big effort. I only wear makeup if I’m going out, and I don’t really wear ‘people’ clothes – I basically live in my gym kit. It’s rare I straighten my hair or do anything ‘nice’ with it. The messy bun life chose me! However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look my best. I do these 9 things to make sure I look my best whether I’m going to the gym or on a night out:

Eat As Healthily As I Can

I’m definitely not perfect when it comes to my diet. I know what I should eat. I eat it most of the time. But what is a life without treats? I have a real sweet tooth, and sometimes I do take it a little OTT. I’m only human! I try not to beat myself up, and you shouldn’t either. That being said, you should eat healthily where you can. Ideally, you’ll eat 80% healthy foods. It isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling great and being healthy too.



Exercise Regularly

I exercise around 6 times a week at the moment. I like doing this in the run up to summer – I have holidays and festivals and want to feel amazing whatever I decide to wear. I don’t spend hours in the gym though. An hour and a half a day maximum! I love lifting weights and I don’t really mind cardio either.

Take Care Of My Skin

Taking care of your skin is crucial. I moisturise regularly, and cleanse/tone/moisturise my face. I try to get into the habit of exfoliating and putting a face mask on at least once weekly too. Not forgetting SPF!

Whiten My Teeth

I used to have a bit of a complex about my teeth. I was convinced they were discoloured and decided I’d get veneers. I whitened them once and realised that’s all I really needed to do! If you have a complex about yours, it might be a good idea to see a pro, such as an orthodontist to advise you.

Keep Nails Filed

It really annoys me when I break a nail and have them all at different lengths. I keep them regularly filed to make sure they look neat and tidy.

Stand Up Straight

There’s nothing worse than bad posture on a person. I make sure I stand up straight and try to sit up straight when I realise I’m slouching. By just standing up straight you can knock pounds off your frame!

Practice Self Love

I never used to like myself all that much, in my eyes I had a load of horrible flaws. I’ve started to accept myself more now and if I catch myself thinking negatively I stop myself and think of all of the things I like about myself instead.

Wear Clothes I Love

Whether I’m going to the gym or a party I make sure I wear clothes I love. I do love bold colours and patterns, but if something fits nice and I feel good in it I’ll wear it! I don’t think I have a particular ‘style’!

Take My Vitamins

I make sure I take my vitamins every day. It was hard to remember at first, but I have a routine now where I take them with my breakfast.

What do you do to look your best?