My Favourite Big Night Out Getting Ready Tips!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a big night out. I’m prepping for a competition at the moment, which means lots of gym/healthy food and no alcohol. I’m planning some nights out, festivals, and holidays for when it’s all over though – 8 weeks to go! I think that getting ready for a night out is half the fun. Here are some of my favourite tips to help you:

Do Your Tan the Night Before

I always apply at least one layer of fake tan the night before a night out. The tan I use develops over night, so the next day I shower it off and have a nice bronzed look. However, if you use instant, then you should obviously do it on the day. There are some problems you can run into with instant though: what will you do if it rains?! This is why I like to use a tan that develops overnight and wash away the excess in the morning, as it looks far more natural and lasts the night. Just make sure you don’t apply it immediately after shaving, as it’ll stick in your pores and look nasty.

Do Your Nails the Night Before

Do your nails the night before too. There’s nothing worse than painting your nails the day of a night out to chip them or smudge them while you’re rushing around trying to get ready. This happens to me every. Single. Time. That’s why I make sure I do them the night before.

Have a Can of Dry Shampoo on Hand

Dry shampoo will add instant volume to your hair. I apply it even if I’ve just washed it and don’t need to get rid of grease, as it gives it so much oomph! If you want your style to hold and crave that extra volume, then you need dry shampoo. Trust me.



Use Teeth Whitening Strips

I always use a teeth whitening strip if I’m going out. My favourite are Crest 3D white. You can tell the difference after using just one strip! Just make sure you don’t drink anything that can stain your teeth afterwards.

Do Your Makeup in Natural Light

When doing your makeup, do it in natural light if you can. If you can’t, do it in the closest thing. Doing your makeup in rubbish, dim lighting could end in disastrous results. You won’t know until you enter a bright bathroom though, and that’s the scariest thing! Doing it in a bright, close to natural light will ensure proper blending and a flawless finish. I find more tips on

Drink Loads of Water

Drinking loads of water will make your skin look better, especially if you start doing it in the lead up to your night out. On the day, it’ll keep you hydrated and stop you from getting too drunk. Maybe. It might even stop your hangover!

I always use these tips when I’ve got a girls night out planned. They make me feel so much better. Doing things the night before really takes time off my getting ready time too. What are your favourite big night out tips? Let me know!

5 Straightforward Steps To A Good Night’s Sleep

Nothing sets you up for the day ahead like a good night’s sleep. If you feel tired during the day on a regular basis, or you struggle to get to sleep, here are some simple steps to help you catch those Zs. I need to take a few of them on board too! 

Get into a routine

Your body gets used to a sleep routine, so try and establish an effective one. Get into bed at a reasonable time each day, and get up at the same time every morning. If you find that you’re falling asleep on the sofa watching television in the evenings, go to bed earlier. Ideally, you should aim for between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per night. For the first few nights of going to bed early, you may find that you struggle to get to sleep. But your body will soon get used to its new routine, and you’ll notice a difference very quickly. It can be tempting to lie in at weekends, but try not to disrupt your regime too much. Give yourself an extra hour or so, by all means, but don’t lie in bed until the afternoon. When you get up, open the curtains wide and let the light in.

Wind down

Many people find it tough to get off to sleep because their minds are still active. When you get home from work, give yourself at least an hour or so to unwind before you go to bed. Read a book or have a bath; something that isn’t going to stimulate you too much. Do something which makes you feel relaxed and calm. Avoid checking emails and try not to bring work home. If you’re thinking about work or anything else which makes you feel stressed, you’ll find it difficult to fall asleep. You could look into various sleep supplements to help you drop off. Try to avoid drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks late at night – those aren’t the supplements you need. 

Sweet dreams


Create a peaceful oasis

Your bedroom should be a tranquil spot to which you can retreat after a busy day. Block out streetlights and natural light with blackout blinds. Close doors and windows to prevent noise keeping you up. Make your bed look appealing with cushions and throws and go for muted designs and neutral colours. Light some candles to create a relaxing atmosphere. Avoid taking phones, tablets or laptops into the bedroom. Put some soothing music on and read your book or a magazine for twenty minutes or so before you hit the hay.

Invest in a good quality mattress

A good quality tempur mattress will set you up for an enjoyable night’s sleep every night. Your mattress doesn’t just make you feel comfortable; it also offers support for your body while you sleep. Paying a little more is always worthwhile when it comes to a mattress, especially if you suffer from back or neck pain. If you’re not sure which mattress to go for, visit a showroom and try some out.


Exercising on a regular basis is proven to improve sleep patterns. Working out tires your body out and relaxes your mind. Try to exercise at least three hours before you plan to go to bed. Exercise gives you an energy rush, so it’s best to avoid training late at night. Exercise definitely helps me to sleep!

Sleep is essential for your mind and body to function optimally. Follow these simple pointers to get your sleep routine in shape!